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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Incredible Pizza Company review via US Family Guide

As a part of the U.S. Family Guide, I was given the fantastic opportunity to review The Incredible Pizza Company. My kids love pizza and games, so going to places that have both are typically going to mean a great time.
We went on a Thursday around 5PM. Surprisingly and pleasantly enough, there were very few people there. Parking is plentiful. I love the fact they play oldies. Not 80's music.... Go farther back. Think 50's! Truly family-friendly music that my kids can get embarrassed by me singing to. It reminds me of the fun drives with my grandma back when I was a kid. But let's keep going, shall we?
We chose the Diner room to eat in. They have various ones to choose from though. As you can imagine, it's modeled to look like a 50's diner.

 Cups are plentiful just like plates and utensils. I do wish they had larger sizes for the adults though. These are tumbler sized and will need to be refilled. They keep them by the soda fountain.
 Food choices range from a variety of pizzas that seemed a little boring to me. They do offer gluten free crusts though. I like that the pieces are cut smaller. It's easier for smaller hands and mouths and gets is big people to eat better portions.
  I think putting the desserts right where you walk in, is a poor choice for families. Kids are going to want to dig into that buffet first. Then you have pasta choices and nacho fixings. Lastly is the salad bar. With some more dessert choices mixed in.
The pizza tastes alright. Best to get it when it's freshly served or request what you want. My favorite was the jalapeƱo and ham. Pastas and sauces were average. Though I preferred the red sauce. The pasta dries out as it sits so again, look for the freshly served batch. I guess the best part of the meal was the salad. My kids didn't mind the cookies even though they seemed too crispy for me. The only thing that looked appealing was the cinnamon rolls. They were hot and soft.

 Now about the games....
They have a huge game room that has video games, laser tag, bumper cars and so much more. The games are a little higher priced than other places we have been to. Most of them about $1 each round. My kids had a lot of fun playing a game that resembled beer pong.
 I wasn't thrilled. The only thing that truly put them ahead of similar competitors would be the presentation of their facilities.
The food was average or below. For $47 I got a $20 game card and meals for 2 adults and 3 children (one being under 3).
Since the games were higher priced, the game card didn't last long.
There weren't many things my kids could reach the pedals for or play without assistance. I do like that they have laser tag and other "big kid" stuff to do though. Some of the games reward electronic tickets that can redeem prizes. Our $20 got us 147 tickets.
Better be good or get more on your game card?


  1. Well it is nice to get to spend time with the family. One day they will be showing you the day they spend with their families. So all in all you are creating memories. We don't have a place like that here. But summer is coming!!

    1. It was good for us to get and we didn't have to pay much for it. :)

  2. Love 50s stuff! I love to listen the music with my Ci - but I don't understand what they say....love the sounds! Art said there is a new Ci aid coming in the spring with a better and more sounds and waterproof. Maybe I will able to hear it better? I posted about it on my fb a few days ago...