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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Women’s Sucker Punch Costume review

As you know I love to cosplay and attend anime conventions. Or comic conventions. They both suit my fancy. 
I'm also a member of the Costume Reviewers group. Thanks to my latest review project with them, I'll be cosplaying as Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch at the next con I go to.
Now I have to admit, I've not had the chance to see the movie, but I've fallen in love with the style that was used for the fight costumes. Check out Sweet Pea in action.
Butt-kicking flair with the slightly erotic but elegant touch of corsets. Most definitely a mans fantasy in my opinion, however, even I found them to be interesting. 
My costume came from the Wholesale Costume Club. You can check out this one and other women's movie costumes if you click here.
On this costume, it's actually quite nice. It comes with the hooded top, shorts, thigh high stockings, and wristlet gloves. 
The shorts are stupid. No getting around that. The plus side to them would be that they are stretchable and breathe well, but not my style in the least.
 I like materials I wear to stay smooth and not bunch. Since these are made to be worn without a defined front or back, they are loose and have elastic around the waist. They also ride up just a bit in the rear. Speaking of the backside, there's a gap between the end of the jacket to the top of the shorts.
This could be because I have a longer torso than most women, so keep that in mind if your long or tall like me. 
The hooded top is amazing. Adjustable tie in the front to fit almost any bust size.
One side has a long sleeve that is snug but still has room to maneuver. I don't think the hood would fit over big hair. It's just perfect over my straight do, so nothing more than a wig might fit well if you're going to wear it up. The armor piece isn't too big or heavy.
It's not all that noticeable. The straps that go down the front and across your front are adjustable too. 
The thigh high stockings are your average kind though a little more on the durable side. 
The wristlet gloves fall under a cheaper, but still okay part of the outfit.
They Velcro to tighten them on your wrist and breathe nicely.
No one likes to shakes hands with sweaty palms after all. They do bunch around my fingers so I might swap those out with the kind I had already. 
It's pretty much a full costume ready to go. If you wanted it to be more accurate, you could add a gun and sword to your back, with ammo strapped above the knee. I'm mostly just planning to add the tall boots. In the movie she wore thigh high boots that came just past the knee. Mine won't be so high. 
I have made other modifications for the purpose of feeling a little more comfortable.
I had my own black shorts which are short but still longer and more fitted than the ones they sent. I added a black camisole tank under the top to hide certain areas that I don't like showing off; where the ties are in the front and the gap in the back. I like how easy to move it is. Great costume and I can't wait to use it! 


  1. Awesome! you looked great on you! Can't wait to hear more when you go to anmie conversations!

  2. Wow! You look like the girls in the picture.