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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bulu Box subscription review for January

As a part of the U.S. Family Guide bloggers, I was given the chance to try out the Bulu Box subscription.
It's a health conscious monthly subscription that allows you the chance to try out things without purchasing full sized products that you may find you don't like after all. You get a variety of items that span diet, vitamins, protein, and otherwise healthier living aids. The following products were all in this months box. 
NeoCell Beauty Bursts are gourmet collagen soft chews.
They are a minty chocolate that is good, but it has an aftertaste that I can't quite describe. Not necessarily bad, but somewhat noticeable. Each one is individually wrapped to keep them fresh and so that they won't stick together. They have Collagen Type 1 & 3 to help rebuild your skin, Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration, Vitamin C to enhance the collagen, and are all natural. 

Umph! Umph! is a premium, pre-workout formula to aid increased speed, power and endurance. I added it to my water before going to work one day this week.
Especially since the night before, I'd only gotten 4 hours of sleep after having a migraine all day... I needed the extra boost. Definitely has that fruit punch smell when you rip it open.
I feel like a kid adding Kool-Aid to my drink... Its overly sweet though. Remember presweetened Kool-Aid as a kid? You felt like you were on a sugar high? Yep, that's what this was like. I didn't notice any significant boost in energy. Enduring work was more of a breeze though. But that could've just been from working with some fun guys from my team.
Symbiotics Colostrum Chewables Plus are similar in taste to children's vitamins.
They are what we adults refer to as "horse pills" in being so large.
I wouldn't want to have to swallow something like this.... The taste is pretty good as far as vitamins typically go. I even broke one in half for my boys to share and they liked it. No, its not meant to make you produce milk... They help build up your immune system.

Flyjoy antioxidant snack bars are all natural, gluten free, non-gmo, and vegan.
I got to sample the blueberry almond flavor. It has quinoa, oats, flax, and chia.
It's a bit on the chewy side, but the flavor was quite good. These are made in the US.
The Miracle Tree tea was interesting.
It's apple cinnamon flavor isn't strong with just one tea bag. My suggestion would be to use two at a time. It has 47 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, 25 multi-vitamins and proteins, and is caffeine free. This is the type of tea you'd want to drink before bed. Some other perks this tea has include being 100% vegan, gluten free and 100% organic. I add honey to sweeten my tea. It has a smooth taste. I just wish it were stronger. 
Bulu included some other fun things such as magnets that you can piece messages together with.
Whether you are leaving encouraging messages for yourself or someone else you work/live with, these are really fun.
Lastly, I have the Lentil Crackers from Mediterranean Snacks.
I personally love Mediterranean Snacks. They have so many healthy options to choose from. These were the Cracked Pepper flavor. Being that they are made from lentil beans, they are a great source of protein. They are gluten-free, oven baked and a part of the Non GMO Project. Everything in their ingredients list is understandable by the typical reader! 
My youngest son didn't like how they looked and felt. My oldest son got through two and decided he was done. And my daughter loved them, calling them "chips". I think they'd be perfect with dip, especially hummus. 
Why is the Bulu Box so great? You get to sample a variety of products that help you focus on being healthier and dieting well. It's a once a month delivery. You try the products and should you find something you like, you can order more on their website or possibly search for more on the individual company website where you can find similar products. Like any other subscription boxes out there, this gives you the chance to try before buying full sized things you might not like.  So check them out! http://www.bulubox.com/


  1. That would be good for me since I always on diet lol!!!

    1. You should definitely check it out! They are having sales right now on their website too.

  2. I checked it out. $10 seems a little high for samples they get free anyway. Maybe if there was more in the box. Did you feel it was more than $10 dollars worth?

    1. Personally, I wouldn't have paid $10 for the things in this box. I think vitamins and stuff like that take more than a one serving dose to decide if you want to stick with them and purchase more

  3. Because if so, I think I might enjoy their boxes.