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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

American Sniper movie review

I went to see American Sniper last night. I've heard from so many people about how great it was. Even my mother has been urging me to go as well. She was right. Every American needs to see this one.
For starters, it's directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. He's a great american actor and director who has my utmost respect.
This movie brings a very important subject to the spot light; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Our military men and women come back changed mentally and/or physically. Numbers are showing that there are 22 veterans committing suicide on a daily basis. That's a staggering amount of individuals within a similar group. PTSD can be triggered by sights and sounds that are reminiscent of what they experienced while deployed. Friends and family need to know how to recognize the signs and reach out to those coming home on a regular basis.
This story is about Chris Kyle. At 25 years old, he joins the Navy and becomes a SEAL who later struggles with war and home life. He marries before his first deployment after the September 11 attacks. Leaving behind a pregnant new bride, he is thrown into war and pitted against a sniper of incredible skills on the enemy's side. This story takes you into what it's like for these soldiers. They have a bond stronger than blood. When one of them gets hurt, the rest seek vengeance. They look to finish off the enemy that threatens the American way of life.
I was floored by this movie. They make jokes throughout. But it's far from a comedy. It's action packed with everything Americans might not see or know. The struggle for him to adjust to home life after being on a battlefield. Four tours left him distant and always on edge. It took a lot of patience from him wife to pull him back in to reality. He began helping others who were recovering as well. It gave him something to use to find balance. Sadly, he was killed in the US by another vet on a gun range.
There's a lot of hype going on about this movie. A lot of political nonsense. But this movie is about one mans life and experience. About fighting for what he believed in, being scarred by what he saw and did, and overcoming it all. Our Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army - all of them deserve our respect. All of them fight while we sit here and enjoy the privileges to do whatever we want in the country founded on being free. They fight overseas to try to keep the war away from home. No matter what you think of war or of those leading the troops, you need to support the troops themselves. They volunteered their lives and minds.

 Some interesting trivia that I found...
Chris Kyle met "Lone Survivor", Marcus Luttrell, during their BUD's(SEAL Training) and became close friends with him although they graduated with different classes. They kept in contact often and remained friends for the remainder of Kyle's life.

 The real Chris Kyle was murdered on February 2, 2013 at a shooting range while trying to help a veteran that had severe PTSD.

 Chris Kyle's first long range kill was a woman who was about to throw a grenade. It was not, as depicted in the movie, a child and then his mother. When asked about it, Kyle responded "The woman was already dead. I was just making sure she didn't take any Marines with her".
So I have a challenge for each of you reading this.... Go see the movie. Then reach out to a veteran. Even if all you do is say thank you. Remember what they have done for YOU.


  1. A good review. The movie also makes us see what is truly important in our lives. Life is short it is what we do in between life and death that counts! He made it count>

    1. I'm trying to make mine count. I'm making changes this year to make every moment, one I can be proud of.