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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Always busy around here

It's like a constant whirlwind of action. Very few times do I get that calm before the next storm. And when I do... Let's just say it's only long enough to take a breath and raise my head above the waves of chaos. Work, cleaning, kids, cooking, playing chauffeur - the never ending cycle that my life flows with. It makes me treasure those brief moments of peace and clarity even more. 

Yesterday I wandered around Target while taking the husband to look for clearanced Legos. Valentine's Day (or as I like to see it, Singles Awareness Day) is around the corner. Merchandise is reflective of such. 
I can't wait for some of these to go on clearance. Being a Star Wars fan, there were some I really liked. 
I did find some things on the clearance endcap that I couldn't resist. 
Fall flavors are heading out. But so are these Pepperidge Farms chocolate covered cookies! 
They were half off and only 1.98 each!
I've been busy baking again too. I made Cookie Brownies!
What can possibly be better than combining two favorite desserts into one?
I had used the 20% off any clothing clearance on Cartwheel when I found an Angry Birds shirt for my son.
Today is one of those lazy days. Its cold, rainy, and I didn't have to work. I'd love to crawl back in bed. Or maybe curl up with a good movie on Netflix. Instead, I'll be paying off a speeding ticket, doing some grocery shopping, finishing up laundry... and maybe catch a movie. I've been wanting to see American Sniper. Has anyone out there seen it yet?


  1. I saw it and can't wait to get it on DVD. What a winner this is. Shopping is fun at times also.