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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Gifts: Most Popular Phone Case Designs

I was recently asked if I would share a guest post from Heather Hewitt at Shutterfly. I love using Shutterfly and the post she has is fantastic. Enjoy!

2014 has flown by and the busiest time of year is upon us – the holidays! Your mailbox is about to be
flooded with Christmas cards, party invites, and shopping ads galore. Maybe you'll be buried in a mound of dough as you prepare to bake holiday cookies. And you're sure to be hitting the busy stores in search of the perfect gift for your loved ones.

But what if you could get some shopping done from the convenience of home? Almost everyone these days has a smartphone – and many have the new iPhone 6. Consider creating personalized phone cases online for the tech savvy people in your life. To get you started, here's a list of the most popular designs:

 Collages. When you don’t have just one perfect photo to grace your customized gift, why not
add several? There are many collage designs that allow someone to show off their favorite
photos all in one place – from two or three photos all the way up to twelve or more!
 Patterns. Choose a favorite photo and surround it with a pattern your friend or family member
will love. Chevrons, stripes, and polka dots in a variety of colors seem to be the latest craze.
 Wording. Yes, phone cases aren’t just about the photos anymore, as wording is making a
comeback. Why not combine the best of both worlds and choose a design that splashes
meaningful words – like names, the year, or cute phrases like “Love makes us family” – across a
great photo?
Bright colors. Want to get noticed? Maybe your friend or family member isn't the most outgoing
person, but has a fun-loving spirit all the same. Select a case that features a fun photo of you
and your friend surrounded by a hot pink, purple, yellow, or lime green border.
 Classic. What’s more classic than creating a case featuring a lovely photo tinted in black and
white? Sepia-toned photo cases are also all the rage right now.
 Photos of people. Of course, you want anything you select for your loved one's case to be
deeply personal and represent something about her – and often, it’s those closest to us who fit
that criteria. For a phone case that will make your friend smile every time she glances its way,
select engagement or wedding photos, full family photos, photos of her children or pets, etc.
However, be sure all photos are copyright-free.

Landscape photos. Did your friend take the vacation of a lifetime and you want to give her a
way to remember it all through the year? Create a case with a collage of great landscape photos
– whether they feature mountains or beaches, snow or sun. Beauty is the main qualifying factor.
 Favorite quotes or fun phrases. If there’s a quote that represents who your loved one is, slap it
on the case you're designing. Or maybe there’s a phrase – like those of the “Keep Calm and
Carry On” variety – that’s just plain fun. 
In addition to creative Christmas greetings and new recipes, get a head start on your shopping this year.
Design phone cases for the loved ones in your life and save yourself a trip to the crowded stores.

Author Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting people with
thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting, photography, gift giving and personal expression.

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