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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Collage.com reviews

I wrote a review before on a photo book from Collage.com. They contacted me, asking me to review some other products. I'm feeling pretty good about these...
They say it's the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving. The more thought you put into what you give, the more you show you care or know the one receiving the gift.
But it's not just the gift itself that holds meaning and thought. How it's presented or packaged has an effect as well. If you wrap something too plain or shabbily, it will seem as though you didn't take the time or effort to make it presentable. Collage.com offers a wide variety of things beyond simple photo books.
You can create personalized wrapping paper to make your gifts extra special.
The paper has a grid on the underside to help keep your cuts straight.
It's just as durable as regular wrapping paper, but with a little more personalization. 
The pictures came out clear and beautiful.

They allowed me to order an ornament, which came out wonderfully as well.
It's a small metal plate with a bright red ribbon to hold it on the tree. It's also printed double sided.
So even if it gets flipped around, you can still see the amazing pictures.

I also received an aluminum 11x14 photo collage that brings the vibrant colors of your pictures to an aluminum backing.
No fear of it ripping or getting water damage. There are pieces of wood on the back to hang it from.
No frame is needed either. I like how its so light weight, very thin, but durable.
I can be confident that my pictures will be enjoyed for years to come on it. There are numerous gift ideas within Collage.com's choices. No matter who you are ordering for this Christmas, or even for other holidays and celebrations, chances are good you will find something for everyone. Don't forget to check out their Facebook page to keep up with their latest news.


  1. I got the tin. What a high quality item. Such a fun thing to remind us of fun times with loved ones. Thanks!