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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween clearance!

Yep, halloween has ended.
Hope you and yours enjoyed it. I know we did.
And now we can rummage the clearance! Candy and costumes aren't the only things marked down.
They had Lego poly bags as well. The City ones have a mini figure and were $1.74 each. 
City as well as Batman ones. Batman ones were $1.99 each. 
Aside from Legos, we picked up the following things. Remember to always check your Cartwheel! 
The Reese's pumpkins candy are like the king size packs. Normally $1 they were marked down to 70¢ plus I found a Cartwheel offer of 10% off. It ends today so stock up! 
The Goldfish bulk boxes rang up as $5.24.
Cartwheel has 25% off, again ending today.
So you pay $3.94! 
Then I found these huge boxes of the fruit snacks my kids love so much. I had the $1/1 coupon that I keep getting printed at the register. Plus, Cartwheel has 5% off. 
These make great deals! Candy has its value despite the holiday they were made for, being over. 
Out of habit and curiosity, we went looking at the toy clearance as well.
They had several sets marked down the Target on FM78.
These were all supposed to be 30% off.
So check your local store and maybe you will the same or better.
Remember that each store does certain mark downs at their own times based on the clientele they have and the sales information. 
Ad sets are being set for the gift giving sales. Now you will see "gift" idea merchandise, Christmas decor, and a wall of fun like this one! 
Remember to share your finds! Happy saving! 

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a great time. Thanks for sharing!