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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Big Hero 6 movie review

This was an amazing movie! Great graphics, comedic moments, and family-friendly. I took my 4 1/2 year old with me to see the prescreening.

Hiro Hamada lives with his older brother and Aunt. Their parents passed away when Hiro was very young. Now that he's a teenager, he's prone to getting into trouble. Particularly when it comes to Bot Fighting (robot fights). His older brother comes to his rescue and their Aunt bails them out when things go too far.
Both Hamada boys are science geeks. Tadashi is in school, putting his brains to good use building medical robots for the future. He designs and builds Baymax, a personal medical robot. Baymax responds to "Ow" and makes you better with his huggable, tech-filled self and won't stop his care until you are "satisfied with your care".
Hiro Hamada, however, has a penchant for getting in trouble and skipping school. His older brother sees potential though, and he intends to show Hiro where he could go if he applied himself better. Hiro is a natural born, robotics prodigy. His mind is sharp, his inventions are innovating.
Tadashi shows Hiro where he goes to school at a big university with a large laboratory for developing technology. Imagine a place where the future is born. That would be this University! And the things that Hiro witnesses, has him changing his tune. Tadashi introduces Hiro to his fellow classmates. Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Fred and Go Go Tomago. Each one has their special gifts. They show him a world of possibilities that has him wanting to pass on Bot Fighting. He enters the contest for showing off his abilities and reasons why he should be chosen and given a scholarship to the University. He creates a project that has eyes popping. All using mini bots. Millions of them. And all controlled by his neuro system. But just as he given the future in the form of a white envelope and things seem to be going along gloriously, there is a tragic accident at the show. Flames claim the life of someone Hiro holds dear in the attempt at saving a professor. Tadashi's world is plunged into sadness. He doesn't know how to go on or how to proceed with his future. His aunt tries to push him into still enrolling in the University. His brothers friends are continuously reaching out to Hiro. Then Baymax comes back into the picture. Hiro didn't realize that his older brothers invention had so much potential until a single "ow" wakes him up.
A series of events uncovers a sinister and dangerous plot that plunges Hiro into crime-fighting and maybe even revenge mode. He recruits the four friends from the University and transforms them all into the Big Hero 6 group that will save the world, starting with San Fransokyo.
This movie was fantastic. Its family-friendly, funny, and touches the heart. Hiro learns what true friendship is. He learns to deal with heartache and move on in a positive way. I definitely recommend this one!

Check it out for yourself and enjoy! http://www.disney.com/BigHero6


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