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Saturday, November 8, 2014

A month in review...

Have you looked back through your pictures in your phone recently? Do you relive those memories? All those good times caught in a still frame. I was transferring photos to my laptop to be saved. So much happening in the past month. Good and bad. 
Sharing a laugh with my princess on October 5th. Her personality is addicting. So outgoing and smartalic at times. There's no doubt, she's my daughter. 
On October 7th, I took my oldest to the prescreening for Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. We don't get a lot of one on one time, so I try to make it count. 
October 8th we went shopping and decided to play dress up in Targets halloween section. Don't scoff. You know you wish you were doing that too. 
October 11th, we went to the Star Wars Lego build at Toys R Us. Not a bad mini Ghost Ship, huh? 
The 25th was my oldest sons 6th birthday. We went to Bootacular and had a small party with my in laws. 
He's growing faster with every passing year. 
On the 29th, I worked my last shift with this goofball. He wasn't at our store long, but "Clydesdale" was definitely one of my favorite coworkers. 
On October 30th, I went to a job interview with the Lego Store. I designed and built a "set" that described me somehow. 
Creative yet detailed. 
Halloween involved free donuts, trick or treating at the Lego Store as well as in my in laws neighborhood. 
So why am sharing all this? Because I think everyone needs a dip in the fun memories from time to time. Relive the past month. Would you change anything? Did you learn or grow? 
Remember that the past was once the present, shaping the future. 


  1. You should become a Target Nurse! I love all pictures! Can't wait to see you, Stephen, Allen and Ana! I am counting the days until you get out of Tex-a$$ to be in beautiful sunshine state! Miss you like crazy!!!

    1. Haha thanks! We are counting the days here too. I look forward to seeing you all.