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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Label Daddy review via US Family Guide

I've once again been able to review products from Label Daddy via my connections to US Family Guide. Summer fun may be "over", but with everyone going back to school and the holidays coming up - having personalized labels is just as important now as it was before. Maybe even more so!
Having labels that identify your personal property can keep confusion of ownership at bay. My boys both have the same lunch box and would often fight over which one was theirs. I wrote their names inside with permanent marker to put an end to the nonsense. Imagine having a sticker there instead. Something that looks professional, has a logo or favorite character on it, with a clear-to-read name printed on it. Better, isn't it?
I got the Luggage Bag Label pack for my mother.
You get 11 stickers in various sizes, with your personalized design, for only $24.99. They work great with any kind of luggage, though its not recommended to be used on leather.
There are two styles; circles or rectangles. These USA-made labels come laminated, and with the option to add your contact information on them. Winter holidays are fast approaching. How many of you will be going on family vacations? These will make finding your bags so much easier when mixed with a myriad of others! Besides, they are fun and uniquely you.

So check them out and be sure to sign up for their newsletter. They are always having some sort of promotion going on. You never know what deal you will catch!

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  1. These labels are so nice. I think to put them on things makes life a little easier.