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Thursday, September 18, 2014

So much fun packed in

24 hours seems so long unless you're having fun. That's what my day has been like. 
I actually got to sleep in this morning! Such a rare but welcomed pleasure. Then it was off to run errands until the early afternoon hours. I bought another piece for my cosplay outfit as well as my ticket to Alamo City Comic Con! I really can't wait. Then of course the husband wanted to stop in at the Lego store.
It has to be an addiction by now... 
The boys had fun playing with and checking out the Sea Cow display that was brought out just for their entertainment. I love the employees at our local Lego store. Always so outgoing and great with the kids. When my oldest got a light scratch from a Lego, they took him to the back to wash and bandage it! 
That's my brave boy. 
We also stopped by Target. Even on my days off, I can't seem to avoid being in a Target. Clearance of summer toys and school supplies is dwindling. Halloween items are being stocked quickly. We picked up a couple of these notebooks for .45 each.
Didn't see much else worth grabbing to stock pile for school. Though we did grab the kids each a back pack! All of them half to 70% off! The cheapest being $4.78. 
I also grabbed a couple two packs of Sharpie Markers for the husband.
He goes through them almost as quickly as I go through water. There is $1/2 in the Mobile Coupons lineup. Text SAVINGS to 827438. Also might want to text THANKS to the same number for another group of great coupons. There was the Cartwheel offer of 10% the two packs.
Plus I used my employee discount and Redcard to maximize the savings. 
I found these Dove deodorants on clearance. $1.98 each and they have the travel size attached to them. 
Keebler cookie time again! I grabbed two packs.
There is the $1/2 plus Cartwheels offer of half off. Score! Just remember it ends tomorrow!!!
The last of my savings comes in the form of Dollar Spot items. There's a 30% off offer that we used to grab little treats and fun for the kids. 
Has anyone tried the new Oreo flavor?? Caramel Apple is actually quite yummy. I've already enjoyed about a third of the package with a glass of milk... Guilty pleasure for sure! 
After all this fun, I went to San Antonio Plastic Bricks to start building little karate kids. 

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  1. Looks like you had fun on your day off with your family! We had fun w my parents playing halloween stuff lol! My parents did buy 2 large glasses for their halloween party at club in palm coast. Lol! Too bad we couldn't groof each other like we did last year :(
    Edward liked the new oreo and I tasted it from his cookie and I didn't like it too much. You know I'm not sweet tooth. Lol!