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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Smead products review

I received several Smead products via Shoplet.com to write another review on office supplies.
The first one is a Step Index Organizer. It has 12 pockets, holds up to 600 pages, and has inserts A-Z, monthly or blank for your convenience when it comes to keeping organized.
Its made from a very durable, waterproof poly material. Love the textured feeling of it. Also has where you can write in an itemized list of what's inside. I do think its a little higher in price than I would pay, but it is thorough.
A Sharpie marker. What can I say? It's permanent and black. Like you'd expect. We use these for writing order numbers on my husbands orders awaiting shipment. I do like the fine point though. Looks neater when I write with it. I'm assuming they sent it to use in reference to another product with an erasable feature. More to come on that though....
FasTab Hanging Erasable Folders are great for the ever-changing needs of your office.
They have an erasable label so you can easily change what's in the folder without the tossing-it-out and getting a new one hassle. They are reinforced and durable for longer lasting use.
You use the white polymer eraser to erase it. They come in a variety of colors.
I'm really liking the Smead Erasable SuperTab File Folders. Write on them with permanent marker, then erase them with the hi-polymer eraser when you need to label that folder differently. There are 24 to the pack with 1/3 cut tabs. It's not compatible with ball point pens so make sure to always use the markers. Works with number two pencils as well. Besides being practical, they are made here in the US. Support home-based economics and also save on the waste of more trees being cut down. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?
Lastly, I have the Vertical File Folders. There are 6 per pack, they fit in most drawers, are closed on two sides, and even fit in your backpack. What is the difference between these and other types of folders? You can organize your documents the same way you read them. Upright, means that you can find what you are looking for with more ease and comfort than looking for something sideways.
It takes a little effort, but it does come off!
So check out Shoplet,com and see what kind of office supplies you can find. They also offer medical suppliesoffice stationary, and promotional products for getting your business name out there.

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  1. They have the coolest stuff! I want some of those gel pens you tested out.