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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pilot Pen review

I have another great review to share via Shoplet.com. Shoplet provides so many office supplies for your home business as well as your professional needs. They sent me these Pilot Pens and I do believe there is love!
I use pens a lot. I'm always writing. There are shopping lists, stories, daily school plans... the list goes on. I don't really like using your run-of-the-mill cheap pens. Sure, they will get the job done and if they are readily available that is what I will use.

But when it really matters, I choose pens that are durable, smooth, easy to hold. And it comes from a great company - bonus! These Pilot pens offer those things. B2P's (Bottle 2 Pens) are so cool! They are made from recycled bottles. The G2 ink flows smoothly as you write. They come in vibrant colors that are refillable. I love the way to feel in my hands. They might not have the grips, but the design keeps them comfortably in place. And who doesn't like a unique-looking pen?! I received the B2P Colors Multipack.
The other Pilot products I received, included the B2P Ball Point pen as well. This is a slightly slimmer version of the B2P multi colored pens above. They also have a grip on it. But same results and same manufacturing.
Next we come to the Frixion highlighter. I love precise highlighters that are easy to handle. And this one is decorated with amazing pinstripes along the side! (Yep, I like to rock style when I write.) These highlighters are erasable using a thermo-sensitive ink formula that disappears with erasing friction.
I highlighted the top words of "Hello Product Reviewers" and then erased part of it to show you.
This next one is the Frixion Clicker.
Its smooth, has a grip, and the clicker is actually the part that attaches to your pocket if you were a nerd! But that's not the greatest feature. Its erasable! Just think... gel ink that goes on smooth
and then disappears when you make a mistake.
Forgive the sideways pictures... Google is be stupid.
In the near future, we will all be writing with sleek, white pens. They will be the Pilot Acroball Pen! Okay, so maybe not. But this does give off the futuristic vibe. Smooth, rich, fine point pen that grips well. Write something in comfort. Something with meaning. And think of yourself in a setting years from now....
Shoplet.com offers more than office supplies. You can also promote your business with their extensive line of Promotional Products. They also have Medical Supplies and Office Stationary. So check them out and look forward to another review coming very soon!

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