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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cheap Bagel Bites from Target! and other deals

Recently my oldest son has decided to like Bagel Bites. We got them from a Meal Deal promotion at HEB and he tore into them! Now I plan to get more from Target.

They are currently advertised as Buy 4 get 1 Free. There are three coupons you can use combined to make them a real steal. Priced at $1.99 each (remember that all stores are different and that you have to verify at your own), use these to make them as low as .84 each.
$1.50/3 Target coupon
$1.50/3 Manufacture coupon
.75/1 Manufacture coupon

Also, sign up to get a coupon for a possible free breakfast item from Go Picnic! Get $2.98/1, valid at Target only. They should be $2.98 there. There are three flavors to choose from:
  • Creamy vegetable spread & multigain crackers
  • Chocolate almond butter & croissant
  • Maple turkey sausage, fruit & nut mix
  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast for free!

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