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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shaving time and money with a Texan Nerd!

I'm always looking to save money and time. As a working, mother of 3 I have no choice but to manage both to the best of my ability. I do everything from clipping coupons and watching money-savings blogs to taking the time to check more than one store to get a better deal. I received a challenge to write a post on "shaving time and/or money" from a representative of the Dollar Shave Club. If you haven't heard of them, they provide high quality shaving products at a much lower cost than leading name brands. They found the way to produce these better products at a fraction of the price, this saving you money! Or should I say, shave you money. Anyhow... 

Right now, back to school deals are rampant. Our local HEB has had a great one of buy any backpack, get several school type items free.
 You have to buy a new backpack, or several, every year for your child's school use. So why not get free stuff that you can use as well? 
We went to HEB and I came across some great deals. Neuro drinks were 2/$4 plus a bunch of them had manufacture coupons taped to them.
The coupons were Buy One Get One free! These drinks don't just taste good, but also enhance healthy living. The Sleep one really worked well to get me to sleep. 
HEB was also full of clearanced Lego sets. My husband bought about 6 of them that were marked down quite a bit. 
Cheese crackers don't last long in our household. They make a healthier snack that everyone enjoys. The prices, however, for the name brands are just a little too high for us to buy often. HEB has a solution. They now sell their own brand and this week we caught a sale that made it a deal.
2/$3 = $1.50 each. Compare that to the name brands that are $1.89 - $2. Also in the snacks category were sales on Hostess treats. Donettes were $1/2 making them $1.50 each.
I don't buy these often, so my kids will have a special treat with this. Other Hostess snack cakes were $1.50/2 making them just $1.75 a box.
They go well as a snack in the lunch box. Just remember, Twinkies do have an expiration date. Get them BEFORE the zombie outbreak to avoid searching every store later.... 

Softsoaps had store coupons for .47/1. This made them $1 each.
I also had a $3/1 Bic Disposable razors coupon.
HEB had two kinds of razors that were just under $3 making them free! 
Tax free weekend was a success for us as well. I needed new pants for work and an interview that's coming up. It's incredibly hard to find pants that fit me well as I'm long legged with smaller hips. American Eagle has some that fit perfectly, but cost $40 each. Since I really wanted a skirt for the interview, I went out looking for a different store to try. New York and Company was having 2 great sales.
On pants - buy one get one free, and some other merchandise was buy one get one half off. I didn't find the perfect skirt, but I found out I fit a size 4 in their brands (normally I'm an 8/10) and since it was BOGO, I got 2 pairs for $47 or $23.50 each! Plus it was tax free. Score!!! 
I also check online before I go to the store. Sales are posted on a regular basis and I try to check my favorite stores the day of the switch. This way, I can plan my shopping trips all at once and know which coupons I'll be needing. Always remember to set aside a little extra and bring other coupons for hidden deals! You never know what might be marked down, on sale, or clearanced that wasn't shown in the sale ad. I sign up for money saving blogs to see what others find and how they save. Then I look for those deals in my local stores. 
Don't be afraid to buy used. Yard sales, thrift stores, and resale shops often have gently used items at a fraction of the cost of new ones. As much as owning brand new items is great, saving money comes first. Clothing is a great thing to buy used, especially for children who are rough and tumble like mine. Chances are they won't outgrow their clothes so much as stain/rip them. And whatever does survive, is passed on to the next child. Waste not, want not. Buy new clothing at the end of the season rather than the beginning and hold on to it for next year if you have the space. Clothing seasons are set to change before the actual seasons do. And you can catch some really cheap steals if you pay attention. Something I have to remember; if a new item is brought in, something old has to go out. I have limited space and don't need an overflowing closet. I mostly wear work clothing anyhow. So if I get a new shirt, one of my older ones has to be donated or maybe sold. Kids clothing are the same way if they have a ton of something that needs to be replaced. It also saves me time on picking outfits. 
You still have one more day to catch some amazing deals that are tax free. Keep your eyes peeled and remember to check your coupons so you know what you have. 
If you want to learn more about the Dollar Shave Club, check out their websitehttp://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ 
They are a members only club, that delivers the best quality razors and grooming supplies for a few bucks a month. Thank them for challenging me to write this post! And don't forget to share ways you shave time and shave money!

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