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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to school discount for Label Daddy!

I've written about Label Daddy before. Well, they have asked the US Family Guide bloggers to write and maybe review again for them as they want to spread the word about a new discount they are offering just in time for your Back to School needs! Get 20% off any orders when you use the code USFAMILY20 at checkout. They have some really great labels as well as zipper tags. Last time I ordered from them, I received the zipper tags with Go Spurs! on them for my husband to use and give to his friends who are all Spurs fans.

With back to school here, having your kids things labeled will greatly reduce the hassle of discerning between what belongs to who. Especially if your child has the most popular themed items.... like all the other hundreds of kids they go to school with. Give them something to make theirs unique! For homeschoolers - you are not excluded! Your kids probably go out too and will need to know what is theirs. Camps, sleepovers, and holiday vacations are still very active.
So check them out and don't forget to get your discount!!! USFAMILY20