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Friday, August 15, 2014

Avery product review via Shoplet.com

It's time for another Shoplet.com review! They sent an Avery binder this time with tabs. Heavy Duty View Binder with One-Touch EZD Rings, Index Maker Clear Label Dividers with Color Tabs, and the Index Maker Clear Label Dividers with White Tabs to be exact.
You know I'm all for organization, and this is just one of the ways I get there!
Binders with tabs help you keep subjects separated, help you sort through files that are on paper, and allow you quick access to what you are searching for.

 I let my husband use this binder for his Lego part lists. Fun fact: for every part that Lego releases, they retire one. However, you can still find those old parts. The lists for these parts are long! So he breaks them up into categories first.
Avery products in general are amazing.

They have templates online that match perfectly, helping you get through the process of creating your labels without the hassle of changing settings on the printer or trying to figure out sizes. With these labels, we were able to put in the words we wanted for each label. Then customize to make them bold. The strips of red in between are so you can peel a whole row and stick them on your lined up tabs for easy, precise and ready-to-go dividers.
Everything is done except putting in the words. I don't have much time and what little I do have is carefully put to use. There are multicolor tabs or the clear label dividers to choose from. I prefer the color label dividers. But then, I'm a colorful person! I like to brighten things up.

The binder is easily a one-handed use kind. No tugging and pulling required. I prefer those as I'm usually busy and wishing I had more hands anyhow to keep up with everything. You can view the binder at the attached link.
Be sure to check out the Shoplet.com website for any and all your office supplies needs! They also offer other things like Medical supplies, Promotional products, and Office Stationary. Let me know what you would like or dislike.

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