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Friday, July 18, 2014

Some things to look for in HEB

I didn't get my 2 weeks worth of meals planned this shopping trip. But while I was picking up the staples to get us by, I noticed some good deals you might want to check for at your local HEB. 
I had this $2/1 Bic disposables razors. Target has the pink packs for $2.98. But HEB has these same ones for $2.96. Buy one with the coupon for just .96! 
There were others, however, if you were looking for something a little more durable. 
The Silky 3 are the same price. 
Or you can get men's Comfort 3 for .96 with the coupon. 
The cheaper version for men is this 10 pack that will also be .96 after the coupon. 
The sale and coupon deal for the Skinner pasta is still going on. They have coupons for BOGO free making these .49 each! Just a few deals to watch for.