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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Saunders product review via Shoplet.com

Shoplet.com is hosting another review. This time it's for office supplies from Saunders.

 The small clipboard is perfect for my husbands inventory pages.
It's portable, durable, and has a strong clip. It's also a good size for shopping lists.
I've used it to hold coupons and my list while at the store. It's made from 100% recycled/recovered materials so you are getting into the earth-friendly products zone from the USA.
The Storage Clipboard is going to be mine.

Partially because it's pink (let's show our support against breast cancer!) and my husband said absolutely not when he saw it. But this little office pal is going to help me stay organized. I can keep spare paper and pens inside while I carry it around. It's a light feeling but firm plastic. So it won't collapse as I write on it but it won't weigh me down. It snaps closed to protect the things stored inside.
Saunders is an American company that makes their products here. They employ blind folks to make some products which is a great way to include physically handicapped people in the productive fields.
The UHU glue style pen is fun.
I loved the vibrant fairy designs and colors. It also comes with a mini photo frame. I'm gluing in style! It's solvent free, so there aren't any strong odors. It sticks fast and doesn't wrinkle the paper. It comes in an ergonomic form to allow for easy carrying in a pencil case or if you're a mom - your purse. Another great thing, especially for parents, it washes out with cold water. We made a special card for my husbands dad with the kids.
They had a blast. And the mess was minimal.
Its so easy for them to handle.
There is a regular UHU glue stic as well that my kids loved using.
And my husband is thrilled with the UHU tac. These are little adhesive strips that hold things in place. He plans to put some under his desk mat and other office supplies so they can't slide when he uses them or so they don't get up and walk away anymore....
So check them out and tell me what you think is the best product! Shoplet.com offers many other products as well. They now have Medical Supplies, Office Stationary and Promotional Products to help you build your business!

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