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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Learning about savings

For those who don't know yet, you can print the Cartwheel deals. And you don't have to use a Facebook page to sign up for an account with it either. You can just use an email address. 
This is where you get started with Cartwheel: http://cartwheel.target.com/#?lnk=gnav_more_15_74
Don't forget that you can stack the savings of Cartwheel with savings of Target coupons like the ones here: http://coupons.target.com/#?lnk=gnav_more_15_76 with manufacture coupons like you can print from http://www.coupons.com/. I love using these the most. I've also learned that if you know of a specific brand or type of coupon you want to look for, you can search this link by the brands! http://www.coupons.com/brands/
The question was raised on what stores are setting up for and when things for Christmas will be coming out. Well, right now, they are setting out the Back to School seasonal items. Summer clearance is getting pushed to just one aisle as most of it is already gone. Around August is when the next seasonal things should start coming out. Halloween and Thanksgiving AND Christmas should all be coming out about the same time. And don't forget that Black Friday will be in the midst of all that. Dollar Spot is rolling out new items. Those Star Wars cups I posted about? They went on clearance and were gone so fast, I didn't even see them marked down! So always check. You never know what has been marked down. The end caps are typically where clearance is set up, however in Super Targets, they have them on the front and back end caps. If a store has a very large amount of any departments clearance, they will designate an entire aisle to it. Toys and summer items are usually done this way around this time of year as there will be so much coming down. Every store is different, however, so be sure to check your store before assuming that deals and clearance posted on here will be available there. Each store caters to a different type of demographic class with its customers.

Savings don't just drop out of the sky. They take work. Sadly being a full time employee and being a mom means I don't always have time to researched the deals or to post them. I try to as often as I can, especially ones that yield free or nearly free deals.


  1. Thanks for the good info. It answered my question and gave me some bonus info.

    1. I always try to make sure I answer comments or at least post something that will answer your questions.