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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

First off, let me start by saying... Happy Fourth of July and Independence Day!!! Technically we actually gained our independence on the second on July as signatures were gathered, but on the fourth is when the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted. But I digress. Enjoy today's festivities! And remember what it means to be free. For all those English readers, better luck next time? And no hard feelings. We would be speaking proper English and drinking tea every afternoon had we been the ones to lose.  http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/july-4th

Anyhow... I'm awake and preparing for a full day (and then some) at our wonderful *insert sarcasm here*  retail store, at 12:37 AM. This comes after a glorious 4 or so hours of sleep as I ended up tossing and turning from a blinding light that was still shining at 8 PM. I think the Texas sun needs to go down earlier. And/or I need blackout curtains. I had to take my daughter upstairs as I found her sleeping on the couch and my husband on his recliner. 
Back to school season is in full swing for us retail employees. You aren't seeing the products roll out just yet. But next week, check the seasonal section at the back of your local Target and you should see a wide variety of supplies magically on the shelves over night. You can thank the Target fairies for that.
For my part, I'll be back stocking everything that rolls off the trucks until then. We are getting mountains of office and school as well as pallets full of supplies for your holiday party needs. Yesterday I worked a 12 hour shift, 4 AM to 4 PM exactly. Got a workout like no other. Today will probably be similar with the exception of time and a half pay! 
But the best part is what comes after my work day is over. Fun with friends as we celebrate freedom! I'll be buying key ingredients to make some heavenly brownies to bring. And it will be the kick start to a work-free weekend. 
Tomorrow I look forward to taking my family to Brick Fiesta here in San Antonio. (http://www.brickfiesta.com/) If you're a local Lego fan, you do not want to miss it! Between all the MOC's (My Own Creation's) that AFOL's (Adult Fans Of Lego's and some younger) put together for display, the vendors selling Lego products, and just an all around good time - it's worth seeing. My favorite Lego vendor will be there as well. San Antonio Plastic Bricks will be one of the first ones you should see. (http://www.sanantonioplasticbricks.com/)And probably where I'm likely to hang out if I get tired of wandering around (as if!). Check out a sneak peek at something you will see there and remember to have a wonderful weekend! Like SAPB on Facebook and see all the amazing things you could build with just a little help.https://m.facebook.com/SanAntonioPlasticBricks
Stay safe and have fun!!! 

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  1. Looks like your enjoying life! Such as it is at times. Thanks for your good outlook on life.