Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Deals and... attempted deals?

So I've recently been added by a friend to a local group on Facebook that posts deals from our grocery chain, HEB. Random but excellent finds have been pouring in. I found some that I really wanted to jump in on. There was a Central Market deal where their brand of gourmet chocolate bars are on sale for 2/$3 plus there is the yellow store coupon that has $1.50/1, making them absolutely free! Unfortunately, they don't sell them at the HEB where I shop. So I missed out on that one. There is another one that I wanted but my HEB was again "out" and didn't even have the coupons to show for it.
There was a store coupon for $2/1 L'Oreal Hair Color, Cosmetics, Hair or Skin Care Products. HEB carries L'Oreal Kids shampoos for only $2.64 each. Pair with the coupon, get them for only .64 each! Its quite a steal. Sadly, most HEB's were out or didn't have the coupons available.
But I did manage to get another one I wanted.... Central Market Rustic Baguette Bake at Home Bread was on sale for $1.50. Plus there was a store coupon for $1/1!
Making each one only .50. I plan to get more if they still have any today as my family did enjoy them.
I baked mine with butter and Italian seasonings for about 6 minutes and it was wonderful!
I posted about the Ghiradelli coupons you can print too recently. Well, I found that HEB carries them for $3.48 each.
Still holding on to mine and waiting to see what kind of sales pop up later though. But I just though I'd share in case anyone was looking for them. Target has them for $3.99 a bag.
Let me know what deals you are finding! And remember to check back as I'll be posting more as I find them as well.
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  1. A buck fifty for the candy isn't a bad deal at all. I found a clearance rack in the baby section of Walmart with a bunch of pants for babies and up to 4t. A dollar a pair. So prepping for winter. Can't even get a buck a pair for pants for little ones at the thrift anymore. Cheapest they are now is $1.49. They have raised their prices along with everyone else. So go and look for things at the store while your in there.