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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Brick Fiesta

What an amazing event! We had a blast. Everything from the MOC's on display to the vendors with great things on sale.
I loved it. My kids weren't as thrilled, but only because there wasn't anything for them to play with and build with.
There were custom builders who even created war sets.
This one was a 1942 scene that was amazingly detailed. As was the following; The Hobbit Shire. 
I'm hoping to have a custom Katniss Everdeen in the mockingjay dress made. Modern Brick Warfare had some pieces they customized to more than just 3D. It looked like paint but raised up. Really cool. 
Parking was a bit crazy. The event was held in the conference room of a hotel, but with a restaraunt next door. And parking filled up rather quickly. You weren't allowed to bring outside food and some people were told to leave their strollers parked outside the doors as well. It's understandable considering the space was hard to maneuver in with so many people.  
The bathrooms were located in the hall outside the great room along with a water cooler. 
Everything was run by volunteer AFOL's. They host these events in a circuit that runs yearly. Next year should be hosted in the Houston area. So be sure and follow their page to keep up with where you can see some amazing builds! https://facebook.com/brickfiesta 
We stopped by our favorite vendor who is also a local store owner, San Antonio Plastic Bricks Inc. https://facebook.com/SanAntonioPlasticBricks
More pictures of some of my favorite builds. Air Zombie and the tools were great! 
1950's Drive In
Air Zombie
Castle with an Army
My Little Pony Castle
The huge airport where Air Zombie was. 
Awesome tool shed equipment.
Looks like Grandma, Red Riding Hood and the Woodsman lost the battle against the Wolf! 
This guy taught his son engineering skills using Lego. This device spun a huge top showing kids how speed mixed the red and blue parts to look like purple and pink parts on the side. It was interactive for my kids. 


  1. Well then I expect Bryan to teach your kids about science using legos as well!

    1. That would be great. But I think I will be the one teaching them.