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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Label Daddy review via US Family Guide

Time for another review! This one is in league with US Family Guide and provided by Label Daddy.
I've written about the importance of having things labeled before. You always need to have your belongings marked in a way that others know it's yours. Especially if you have children. Whether for camps, overnight trips or just to differentiate between your kids belongings and keep them from fighting... Labels are crucial! While I didn't choose actual labels this time, I still love the various sizes and packages they offer.
For my review, I chose zipper tags instead that can clip to just about anything.
Since my husband loves the Spurs and they were in the championship games, (Go Spurs, Go!) I chose to have little 'Go Spurs' ones made.
You can clip them to zippers easily. Show a little team spirit while having your name on the other side. They do not interfere with the daily use of the items they are attached to. You get a pack of 10 customizable zipper tags for $24.95. Creating my tags took just a couple minutes with the easy-to-use form.
My husband loves his. He attached one to his pool stick bag and another to his key ring.
They are sturdy little tags too. Perfect for my not-so-gentle man to take on the go. He plans to spread the Spurs fever to his friends especially since they won the Championship.
Label Daddy offers packs designed to fit your needs like the Camp Pack.
Definitely check them out! And leave me a comment about what you think about them. What is the best reason for you to consider them?


  1. I'm not sure how big they are but I think would be great to attatch to kids jacket zippers for winter. Especially if they go to school. They always know their jacket!

    1. They are about the size of a dime. Possibly a little larger. Just big enough to be legible but not so large as to be bothersome.