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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Having a fun filled Saturday

It's already a long day. My sinus problem has become a bother. I was up early. But pressing on is what I'm doing. We took the boys to Lowes to build a Toothless dragon.
It's actually a fun kit to make and would have been cool for a displayable trinket. I wasn't impressed by the fact that my sons kit had a part split and they didn't have extra sets for just such a case.
So we had to keep building and just deal with the fact that he ended up with a defective dragon who can't flap it's wings. It was difficult for them to do without a large amount of parental help. Even I had difficulty attaching certain parts. I prefer taking them to Home Depot builds. Those were always more fun. Plus we had to sit on the cold concrete floor. So wear pants that you don't mind getting dusty in. 
Then it was over to Toys R Us for The Lego Movie Master Builder event. Again I was disappointed. They said there were no instructions and IF everyone at the front stuck to 30 pieces a person, there would be enough for those of us at the back of the line. It was to build a sort of mecha suit with a mini figure head.
Arrive early if you want to be first because when we got there about noon the line was pretty long already. I do like that it encourages kids to have creative minds. 
Then it was back to work clothes shopping! I have decided I can't shop with kids and husband in tow. It just doesn't work. I have also decided I hate being so long legged. It's not being tall. It's have your body be mostly legs that is such a pain. Couldn't find skirts anywhere (pants are nearly impossible). I finally found a pair of pants at American Eagle that fit perfectly in waist and length but it cost me $40.
And they only had one pair. It was that or a $30 short skirt from JCPenney. Target just had to pick red and khaki for their colors didn't they. I did manage to order my free 8x10 photo collage from CVS. Today is the last day, remember to get store pick up! Use code DADCOLLAGE at checkout. 
Forever 21 had $1.80 cami's and $3.80 leggings. Make sure you get the right size before hand though as you can't return, only exchange. 
Well, kids are having a blast at the Lego store. I'm looking forward to medicating and climbing back in bed as soon as we get home. Enjoy your Saturday! 

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