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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Super savings for summer fun!

My good friend Sue let me know about this excellent deal on Coppertone Sunscreen.
Target currently has them on sale for buy two get a $5 gift card back. Plus you can go here to get a $3/2 coupon. Plus add in a 5% off with Cartwheel! There are a couple kinds you could get:
Coppertone Sport for $4.89 x 2 = $9.78. Subtract the 5% and $3 coupon so you pay $6.27. Get the $5 gift card back and it now means you really only paid .63 each!
Or get the Coppertone lotion or spray for $6.99 x 2 = $13.98. Subtract the 5% and $3 coupon so you pay $10.25. Then get the $5 gift card back making it really $2.62 each.
Stock up for summer! And do your skin a big favor.

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