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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Samsill product review via Shoplet.com

It's that time again! Another review coming to you by courtesy of Shoplet.com. This time it's for two products from the Samsill line they carry.
First we have the iPad holder case.
I love how well padded it is. Its comfortable to carry around.
It also has built in bumps that allow it to become a stand so you can go hands free.
There are two landscape positions to choose from. It's compatible with 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads.
The front cover is magnetic allowing it to snap closed and shut off the iPad to save your battery. Likewise, when you open the cover you wake up your iPad. It comes with debossed diamond designs and bright colors to match your style.
It has the cutouts so you can still take pictures, plug in and access controls without having to remove the case. Overall, its great for protecting your iPad, looking great, and serving multiple purposes.
The next office supplies product I have to show you is the Office Binder with Label Holder. I use binders for so many things. I have one for my coupons, recipes, instruction manuals... They are pretty much everywhere in my home. I decided to test this one out for my new recipe book. It's sturdy. I love that I can open and close it single handedly. I'm often holding something or someone with my other hand so I can't deal with multitasking without a little help. There is a place on the side for your personalized label so you can clearly see what you have inside without opening it.
There is a pocket on the inside for loose sheets as well.
It opens on the left side with the curved spine that optimizes the ergonomics and prevents the spine from cracking and breaking quickly like others have a tendency to.

These products aren't the only things you can find on Shoplet.com. They have everything you might need for your home or business office needs. They also have promotional products to get your business name out there. They also now sell medical supplies. And lastly, you can also find specialized office stationary which does come from the UK.

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