Thursday, May 22, 2014

Found some cool deals

So I've been going through the coupons that we get in the free Redplum paper and checking out deals. Target seems to be geared for a holiday weekend but didn't have much that could be matched to the coupons.
Walgreens has a few that caught my eye.
This $1/1 coupon was in the Redplum It makes for a great stock pile price if you use this kind.
So these are on sale for $1 each. There is a buy two get one free coupon. This will make them only .66 each for 3 boxes!
There is a .75/2 coupon for Nabisco products. Combine this with the 2/$5 and you get 2 packs for just $2.12 each. Not a whopping deal, but still better than what they normally are at about $3 a pack.
I haven't found any other spectacular finds for this week. But since my husband is out of town, I'm taking a little time off from online and shopping to enjoy time with the kids instead. Let me know what your area has! Have a great holiday weekend everyone.

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