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Friday, May 30, 2014

Another long but fruitful day

I cannot tell you how exhausted I am today. But I'm also quite satisfied with after working late, I came home to shower and change before we left to take the kids to the local Lego store. The Lego store at the North Star Mall is celebrating their anniversary! With that, they are having all kinds of fun events this weekend.
They are holding raffles and random giveaways. My son answered a question correctly and won the Minecraft set he's holding. 
And the grandest part is letting kids build their own designs and have them placed in a large US outline. I really look forward to seeing the finished design. Those who participated were given vouchers to bring into the Lego store and get Certificates.
They had also given us 10% off coupons towards any one City Lego set. It was totally fun and as always, I enjoyed chatting with the employees. 
Then we went to the Bath and Body Works store around the corner. Right now the newest fragrance, the Weekend one is $5. Plus they had three others for half off. I chose to get the Tokyo Lotus. I bought 2 for about $12 and got the Sweet Pea for free using one of the coupons for buy $10 and up and get a free item. The other half off scents were the Moroccan Orchid and one with London in the name. Sorry I wasn't really paying attention after I smelled the Tokyo Lotus....
Our next stop was the Super Target. I was determined to get some cheap Digorno pizzas for us to have on a night when cooking was out of the comfort zone. Like tomorrow when I'll work 4 am to 4:30 pm... Not going to want to cook. I really love the BOGO deal on the pizzas. However, I tried using the 4 coupons (2 Target and 2 Manufacture). But for some reason the system made one of the Design pizza kits as the the free one so my $1/1 Target coupon couldn't be used on one. Still, I got a good deal and couldn't complain. On the way to the register, I came across several end caps of clearance grocery items. There were a lot of cake and cookie mixes, boxed potatoes, stuffing, vanilla frosting... Just so much! 
So be sure to check your local Target and if you can, the Super Target. They will have far more selections. 
We got a Reese's cupcake mix for $1.90, a Hershey's chocolate chunk cookie mix for $1.94 and some BBQ sauces for about 71¢ each. 
Deals and steals are slowly popping up as the summer heat settles. Can't wait to see what the next couple months have to offer! 


  1. Yay congratulations to your boy! Do y'all go to lego store everyday? Haha!
    I saw a lot of clearance sale the other day I didn't get anything. Just got 8 sunscreen and got 20 free gift cards. Hope its enough for over summer this year.

    1. Not everyday haha But maybe once a week.
      I don't see a lot of clearance around here lately. You got a lot of sunscreen! I only got two. We don't go out too often.

  2. I went to kohls in Palm Coast and shopped alot of summer clothes for emma. I got 40.00 free cash back from my sneakers. They were on sale used 15% coupon used 40.00 cash coupons. I saved about 122.00 I only paid 25.00. Such a good deal.