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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We made it!

We are finally home! We made it safely to Texas and now can relax as we make this unit our home. At first we stayed with my in laws and then we got a hotel room for a few nights. Want to test your patience? Put a family of five in one room daily. Especially when 3 of them are five years and under.
Getting the keys was so much more exciting than most would think. It's a sign of starting fresh. Of feeling free. And so much joy that you could burst as you watch the children go wild.
This place isn't the Ritz by far. But it's not the ghetto either. Our garage was packed full of our things and I spent all day putting as much as I could away. After I get off work tomorrow, I'll get right back to unpacking.
There is a 10x10 back yard that the kids and I plan to grow flowers in the corner of. I've always wanted a yard and after 6 years of not having one... I can't wait to work in it. We spent about an hour or so clearing it up and even planted gladiolas and sun flowers. My boys love watching Curios George and after getting the Going Green DVD, they have been begging me to plant a garden that they can watch grow.
 The floors throughout the downstairs are stained concrete. I won't have to worry about spilled juice except for the possibilities of slips. It's cold, this is true. And I have a lot of sweeping to do. But I'll get a rug for the combined dining/living area eventually. We also ordered a couch and table set for the living room that should be here by the weekend.
 Yesterday, we finally got the things we left in storage which included the beds. So thankful for the help from my in laws as well as friends. While moving, we made jokes and caught up. It really helps the work go by smoother when you are having fun. My husband decided to let the dolly ride in the truck with him and his friend since all the other spaces were filled... I told him that every corner they turned would earn him a kiss from the tires.
Before getting those things, we only had two air beds that both leak air so I've been sleeping on the floor. Waking up with migraines wasn't working out too well.
We ordered a washer/dryer set that should arrive this week as well. I'm going to have a mountain of laundry to do... But I'm happy to say I'll finally have a set and they'll be in my own garage, another first for us.
This place has two floors so my kids will wear themselves out with all the up and downs they do daily. And we finally get to cook really good meals again! Tonight was Italian chicken, rice and sautéed veggies. Mmm... how I've missed my kitchen!
Oh and I love how this neighborhood has a sense of humor! The stop signs (a least two of them) have additions that make you laugh and possibly sing. This is one:
Another says "Don't STOP Believin'". I love it!
This kitchen is about the size I had before, but somehow seems to have more space. Or maybe I'm getting better with my organization skills.
Thanks for reading and sharing in my life's adventures! I'll post again soon with updated pictures that show how we are turning this place in a Home.


  1. Love the signs in the neighborhood. How funny. Would make me smile every time I passed them. I love to see the kids working in the garden. It is a good reminder of spring.

    1. I love seeing the signs. I smile as I drive by them. Our sunflowers are growing! The kids are so excited. My glads aren't though which makes me sad.