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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The great move

Moving day came by all too quickly. Last couple days of having a kitchen got me into creative mode. I tried to use what I had laying about so we didn't buy anything extra. 
In between working, I came home to pack as much as I could. Do you know how hard it is to decide what can stay out to the last minute and what should be put into a box?! 
Then the day before we were supposed to be out of the apartment, I had to pick up the 16' moving truck. I don't think I should ever complain about driving my car again. That truck was more than a tank. It's a beast. It's slow and lumbered along. And parking.... Well, I'm proud I got it like this without hitting anyone/anything. 
Two adults loading an apartment full of stuff took a lot of work. Thankfully, my mother took the kiddos so they weren't underfoot for most of it. The first thing to go on the truck was a book shelf. It's made of solid and heavy wood. Going up the ramp, my husband lost his grip and it nearly tipped in the direction of my car. I do believe my heart stopped for a moment. About 4 hours later, my back was killing me. But we did have 2 3/4 rooms emptied. Along with all the beds.
We took a break to help jump start a guys motorcycle. Then we finally stopped to go get the children and have dinner. We met a local friend at Cici's Pizza. One son had fallen asleep on the way and was crabby the whole time. 
The next day was moving day. We loaded the last bit of stuff into the truck. Nothing like a move to remind you of how much junk you truly have. Or how short your temper can be when your other half doesn't pay any attention to what you say. We left out at lunch time, stopping to grab burgers and then beginning the long drive. To amuse himself, my deaf husband randomly did the fist pump to get truckers to honk or called his friends with face time. I laughed every time his phone fell off the holder. Way to "drop" your calls. 
20 hours after waking up that morning, I couldn't take another minute of driving. We had made it into Louisiana very near the border of Texas. We pulled off at a rest stop and those 4 or so hours of sleep were amazing. Even though I was sitting up and fully dressed. And thankfully, my kids stayed asleep. 
We are now safely in Texas. My job will be resumed this week and hopefully next week we will have a house to move in to as well. We had a small family celebration for my sons 4th birthday. As hectic as it's been, we find joy in these little things. 
And we laugh at how daddy accidentally went to sit on the cake box....


  1. I love the reminder of how much stuff we have. I don't want to pack up the house to find out but it has been a good reminder to scale back. I did so and got rid of 3 garbage bags of stuff and a few baby things no longer needed around here. So thanks for the motivation. And congrats on getting there!

    1. Even if you feel like there isn't much as you look around your home, once the boxes start filling up and piling up you see how much is really there. So happy to motivate you! Good luck with your move as well. Thank you. We are glad to have made it safely.