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Sunday, February 9, 2014

That Awkward Moment is now in theaters!

Most of us have been there... That moment when you pass the "friends" stage and are beginning to move into the... whatever comes next stage of the relationship. But how do you approach that moment when you realize you are ready to move into the next stage? How do you bring that conversation into being? Or do you have that amazing telepathy to read his/her mind and not even have to ask?
That Awkward Moment is all about couples who are moving along but find themselves stumbling over the moment when they have to embrace a new relationship status or admit they'd rather be alone after all. Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan star as three guys who after Michael's character gets dumped, all agree not to get into a relationship unless they all do it together. However, a night at the bar meant to be a pick-me-up as well as pick up one-night-stands, changes the games for these buddies. One of those funny moments included are self medicating together when confusion strikes... They work together to get through the decisions they face and have plenty of awkward moments throughout

For fun, you can check out this video with quiz to see where you stand in the relationship realm.

Check out the trailer for That Awkward Moment here. Or go to the lineup on YouTube for multiple videos that give you a wide variety of laughs.
So what was your awkward moment? Or one of them if you're like me and have more than you wish to remember... I'd love to hear it! Share a laugh with everyone else.

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