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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Let's build memories with specialized books from Twigtale!

As a mom, I love promoting my children to learn. I want to build their self worth views and let them grow with memories of love and happiness. As such, I enjoy building photo books for them. I was recently contacted by the CEO of Twigtale, Carolyn, about hosting a review and giveaway, as well as offer my readers a discount towards purchasing books.
Twigtale offers you the ability to make personalized books that promote learning, self esteem and teaching life lessons while using personal photos and information that bring it all home to young children. These books are written by child experts. I chose the Loved book.
It shows children various pictures that help them associate what it means to be loved. Being loved is not just something you feel, but it comes in the forms of actions taken by others to you. Things that make you happy, keep you well, and provide that warm fuzzy feeling that is typically associated with love. That's what real love is. But how do you explain that to a child? This book tells the story of love in pictures of the child with the parents/caregivers feeding, changing, bathing, hugging, teaching and otherwise "loving" the child.
This is how children learn, by seeing and hearing. Especially at younger ages.
I chose to make my book for my youngest. Uploading the pictures was a snap. The book is completely ready and all you have to do is adjust which wording you want, such as names and age. Then put the pictures that best match the wording on each page. Its short and simple. They provide you with a list of which kinds of pictures you should have ready. This helps you to know what to expect when getting ready to build your book. I highly suggest checking the list against your photos before attempting to make the book. 
Each book is only $20. Plus shipping which is about $5.50 and is priority. After making my book, it took a week (or less) to be made and shipped! There are several books to choose from for just about every stage you might go through with your little ones. Transitions that may be difficult for your child such as potty training, new siblings or starting school. 
So about my book. I love how well it's made. Great binding. The colors are vibrant and the printing is so nice. 
I love the way it's written out. The thought that was put into it's wording is really special. Telling my daughter I love her won't put it into perspective. Not like letting her see pictures with explanations of how I care by changing her diaper and clothes.
It's in the way I give her a bath to help her stay clean. It's how she gets her morning hug. She also knows we are thinking about her even when she sleeps. I'm very pleased with the shipping. Using priority might cost a little more, but it's going to get here quicker.
Over all, its been a wonderful experience to make, order and read this amazing book with my little girl. You can check out their blog with has a great number of helpful posts. Now that I've shared my experience with you, I get to offer all of you, my dear readers, a unique code that gives you 10% off any book you choose. Simply put in TWIG10 at checkout. And then, you can also enter the giveaway for one winner to get a FREE book with free shipping. Check them out and tell me what you think.
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