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Monday, January 6, 2014

Super mom having a not-so-super day...

I've been sick the last couple days. Something in the vicinity of allergy or cold... I hate getting sick. It's disgusting and draining. Then I also have three munchkins ranging from 1-5 years of age. The oldest seems to be holding off the illness quite well. The middle child is wiping his nose on anything EXCEPT tissues. And the youngest has started showing signs of the sickness which has her quite miserable. Plus, she's learned to climb on just about everything and in the past 24 hours has fallen and managed to hit her mouth 3 times. I can tell she takes after me already.
I seriously wanted to curl up in bed and sleep until I'm all better. Then I made the mistake of looking around the apartment. Dishes in the sink, floor un-swept and needing to be vacuumed. There's a load of laundry in the dryer plus I should be starting another load.... I went to pick up my sons cup and found his grilled cheese sandwich that he said he had eaten, floating in his Koolaid. This is an average day for me. But normally I can keep up with demands. Feeling like I have the plague... Not so much!

I was faced with the choice of going to bed and calling the day quits... Or putting on the big girl undies and getting to work. Can you guess which one I chose?
Yep... An hour later and the floors were cleaned, counters wiped, dishes done, daughter awake from her nap and eating. I'm still holding out hope for a nap or quiet moment to rest. In the meantime I'm going finish the laundry, plan this weeks meals, make a shopping list to match and try not to pull my hair out in the process.
It's difficult some days, not gonna lie. I want to curl up and growl at everyone that comes to me for something. Husband comes asking what I deem "stupid" questions every five minutes, my oldest son asks to play a game about a hundred times a day, middle child wants to sit around watching movies all day, and my baby girl wants to be held and/or fed often. I would clone myself if possible! Then one of me could work while the other me handles home issues. But alas... its not possible... yet.
Tonight is a win though. Italian marinated chicken, rice, apple cobbler, and garlic bread for dinner. Score!


  1. Ah! The joys of motherhood! Welcome to my world! Just remember that you will NEVER get a paycheck for all you do and you will get very little "thanks". But in the end...you will be able to look at your grown children one day with their children. And laugh your butt off at them for living through what you have. Then you will get satisfaction that you raised them with all your heart and they are good folks! So enjoy these days and know, it's just temperal!

    1. Thanks, Mom! What goes around, comes around right? I'm so happy to have them though. They make me laugh and cry and feel so proud.