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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jewelry Candle review

I finally received my replacement candle for the broken one that was ordered before Christmas from Jewelry Candle. And I have to admit, I'm a little more impressed.
So I wrote about the previous experience. My biggest complaint was the customer service. I still think they can improve their service ratings with a little more attention to customer service skills. However, that being said, they do provide a great product. One that seems worth the money.
About the candles...
They are a rather large size with a double wick. Made from 100% natural soy and using premium quality fragrances, they offer so much more than a candle. They are natural, hand poured, and the double wick technique means they burn evenly so you aren't wasting anything. The rings are exquisite as well. You can check out others reviews and reveals on their website. So many variations! They also put in necklaces and earrings that I've seen.
My husband ordered the Freshly Picked Strawberries ring candle. He originally wanted it here by our anniversary on December 15th. When it was late, he said it would be my Christmas gift. It came just in time! December 21st, I received the first candle. It was broken inside the box despite being firmly wrapped and sealed.
They do package their candles very carefully though. Even before I opened the box, the scent coming from the package was divine! I was enjoying the rich aroma and certainly in no hurry to get the ring yet. It burned for several hours before the ring foil could be seen. And the smell of strawberries was evident throughout the entire apartment! We did manage to get the first ring out. It was really pretty.

We contacted Jewelry Candle and were answered much quicker this time around. Of course their Christmas rush was over by this time. We sent pictures of the unwrapping and damage to show proof of it and they immediately answered that they would get another candle out to replace it. We waited a couple weeks but didn't hear anything else. I finally posted on their Facebook page about it and someone answered quickly that they would have the new candle in the mail the next day. True to their word, they did. And in a couple days following, our candle arrived at our door.

Opening this box, I didn't smell the candle as strongly as I did before.
Its not as overwhelming as that first one. However, it still smells amazing and the scent travels down the halls around the apartment. It burned a little weaker this time as well. A couple times the wicks snuffed themselves out. It burned about a third of the way down before the ring foil was seen.
My husband was impatient though and decided to try tugging it out as soon as it would budge a little. Its perfect!
It came the month of my birthday and was a garnet (my birthstone) ring. There are tiny green (peridot?), pink, and purple stones on the sides as well. I love it! He wants to order another one maybe in a month or so and I already have a few ideas of which one I might like to try... Just remember to order BEFORE the Christmas rush. Like August or September maybe? They have Ring Candles as well as Jewelry Candles. I also like that they have Greeting Candles. Want to add a message such as congratulations, your love for soldiers, new baby, etc.? They have so many to choose from. They also have Jewelry Tarts, Soaps, Wax Roses, and host Giveaways. You can also become a consultant. So check them out and let me know what your thoughts about them are.


  1. The ring is very pretty and so is the candle. My issue is trusting the company. Would I order something that was to be delivered before Christmas only to arrive a month late? It's doubtful. Thanks for the review and your honesty on the product.

    1. They did deliver by Christmas, but it was broken the first time around. I do think they should speed up their customer service time and knowledge. I do believe in second chances, however, so maybe once more to see how well they do in a normal setting versus a holiday rush.