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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Exterminators: Shadows book review

I wrote about a book I had helped edit for a friend of mine a while back. He's a great author who has some new adventures to read as he continues his series, Exterminators. Book two, Shadows, is now available on Amazon for Kindle download or you can order the paperback edition
This up-and-coming writer is named James DeSantis. He has a truly wonderful sequel that continues to shed light on the characters and story from book one, Infected. A battle has been brewing, but now there are more groups getting involved. The Shadows have taken an active roll with the Summoners towards bringing the Exterminators down. 
Riven is battling the memories from his past, especially the most recent one taken from the body of previous Exterminator, Fred, as well as Cole from the Summoners. They differ in opinions. He also doesn't believe that David is leading him in the right direction or trusting him. 
Jin and Emily go to battle where tragedy strikes. Jin falls into a depression that leads to a passionate quest for revenge against the man responsible. He also has to deal with the loss of his father. 
Carl has to get himself back together. With the loss of Fred so soon, he takes a more active role in leading his team of new Exterminators. 
Nick pushes himself daily to be the absolute best he can as he leads his team against the Unknowns. He wants to be strong. He's still keeping his secret from Kelly who becomes more and more convinced that he has a big secret. She pushes him to tell but still loves him enough not to push too hard. He also has to keep his secret from his dad.
Peter and Rachel get closer and soon become a couple of the cutest sort. Even though he still has trouble relating to others, he finds a love that he's willing to die to protect. Even if its not reasonable to someone who isn't sentimental or even romantic. He also learns to stand up against his father who is trying to come back.
Marshall and Lucy are going strong. A bun in the oven has Marshall going on a serious job hunt that lands him work with someone dangerous. His new friend and coworker puts Marshall in a deadly situation that leads to the death of someone he loved very much.
The battle begins to wage and losses are high. Shadows and Summoners are gathering forces that join together to create a world in which Unknowns are allowed to be "known" to humans. The Exterminators are working double time to keep them out and protect themselves against attacks. Secrets are revealed, deaths take their toll, and desire for revenge courses through more than one involved. This book will keep you on the edge. Its amazing follow-up has you begging for book three. 
You can get the Kindle download here. Or order a paperback copy here. Also check out my review of  book one, Exterminators: Infected. He also has a short story, Those Devils that is climbing the ladder in popularity! All of them are available for purchase on Amazon. 
Those Devils  Available for download only. 
Exterminators: Infected is still on sale here.  Follow James and see all his upcoming works on his Fan Page on Facebook
Be sure and leave a comment on what you think. Both here and your own review when you buy it on Amazon. He loves to hear feedback from his readers!  He has another review on his Facebook page. So if you need reinforcement in encouraging you...

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