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Monday, December 30, 2013

Jewel Scent Candle review

My husband decided to buy a Jewel Scent Candle after having issues with another ring candle company.
The order was processed and shipped rather quickly even though it was nearly Christmas time. I'd read a lot of great reviews about them on their Facebook page.
It was securely packaged and arrived undamaged. When I opened it, I first noticed that the scent is not as strong as I hoped. I personally prefer candles that are strong enough to fill a room with a delightful smell within several minutes. This one is only noticeable within close proximity.
It's beautifully decorated though. The intricate black and white design makes it a great addition to any room. 

 The ring that I received inside was inside a plastic bag that was wrapped in gold foil. The way the value works for the rings inside is, that if there's a ring in your candle, it's worth anywhere from $10- $100. Anything above that in value will instead be a gold coin of sorts with a claim number stamped on it. You then contact the company and they send you the ring from that claim number. No matter how much mine is worth, it's still a beautiful piece.

 It says on the label that it can burn for 100 hours. Since lighting it this morning, and only snuffing it out for about an hour, it's been burning but only about a fraction of the candle is down.

 So what does this mean and what do I think of them?
I love the design. I love the ring. I personally wish the scent was stronger, but I know some people who have allergies and this type of candle would be better for them. Enough to be pleasing but not overwhelming. I think they make awesome gifts. Yes, it's nice to give candles that have enough aroma to fill a room. But suppose you get something the other person doesn't enjoy like you do? This way they get a sample of a scent and a gorgeous ring.
The candles are made of soy and beeswax. Healthier and natural alternatives. Jewel Scent does have other products in the lineup. And they also come with gems aplenty! Check them out and tell me what you think.

***This review was fully on me. I was not endorsed to say anything. The candle was purchased from Jewel Scent by my husband as a gift. All opinions are my own.***


  1. I like how they decorated the outside of the candle. It's very pretty. The ring is nice looking as well. It is good to see people come up with nice ideas.

    1. They are beautiful. And they make wonderful gifts :)

  2. Do you feel like the scent is stronger if you burn it for awhile? I'm like you, I want a candle to really fill the room. White Floral was one I thought was too subtle at first, but after burning it for a couple hours I noticed that I was really smelling roses.

    I love that ring, btw!

    1. It did get a little stronger and is better for small spaces. It doesn't fill the home but it will radiate in a room. This is still one of my scents and definitely a favorite ring.

  3. Good honest review. I'm looking for gifts, this may be my go to in the near future. Have read other positive reviews about this company. Thank you for yours. This helped my decision making.