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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Artistic Rhinolin II Desk Pad review via Shoplet.com

It’s time for another review via Shoplet.com! This time it’s for a Desk Pad.
Consider it like a mouse pad on a larger scale. It fits my husband’s keyboard and mouse on. This helps keep things in place so they don’t go sliding all over the place as it has an anti-skid, suede-like backing. It also provides a flatter surface in case you have a makeshift desk like ours that has tiles on it. I love that it’s smooth, sturdy and black but has a low-glare satin black finish. It's easy to wipe off if you get something on it. It goes well in our office and is useful. It’s a large enough size to fit the important things. I also like that it protects your desk.
You can purchase this as well as many other office supplies from Shoplet.com. They also offer promotional products that get the word out about your business such as promotional shirts. I'm also happy to report that they now have office stationary for the United Kingdom!


  1. I like the black. Sounds cool as it looks. When I get my office set up...I'm defenateley getting one of these!

    1. My husband and I enjoy the color as well. I hope you post a picture to my Facebook when you get it!