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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Turketarians Unite Butterball party via House Party

Tonight was a huge success! Why? I hosted my very first House Party. It was from Butterball and all about Turketarians Uniting!
They sent a huge party pack filled with reusable bags, coupons,
magnet sets,
footballs, a recipe book, a turkey hat,
an apron, cards about the new app Butterball has, a timer that is magnetic so I can hang it on the refrigerator, a Frisbee, plates, cups, and even napkins.
And then of course there was the $40 gift card to buy Butterball products to prepare for my guests.
We planned everything out to maximize the fun and food experiences.
I used the reusable bags as goodie bags to put all the things for my guests in. My husband wore the apron and hat while cooking,
until the kids came and wanted to wear the hat (Mr. Gobbles). There are some amazing recipes both in the book and the app. I downloaded the app, which if you haven't checked it out - you should! You can pick recipes, save them, then it will create a shopping list for you so you know what to get next time you go to the store. I LOVE it!
The night before the party, we set up everything. We bought a blue table cloth and some yellow and blue streamers.
I printed out some of the Butterball logos and the Turketarians Unite logo to hang and post around as well.
The day of the party, we cooked everything we had made a menu for: spaghetti with turkey
(my meatballs came out poorly since I can't make meatballs to save my life), turkey bacon covered nachos
 turkey tacos
(one of the favorites), and cheesy turkey and rice casserole
(tied for first place with the tacos in the favorites).
Snacks for those waiting were crackers stacked with either deep fried deli turkey slices or garlic and herb chicken slices and cheese.
We had two families come with kids everywhere.
Everyone ate to their fullness and had a wonderful time.
We discussed recipes, tastes and surprise at some of the products they didn't know existed from Butterball.
When everyone was ready to head home (well after the planned 2 hours),
I handed out goodie bags to the adults and the footballs to the kids.
The food was great. The bacon looks strange but tastes pretty good still. The turkey breast cooks juicier than the chicken and tastes so good. Ground turkey is nothing new here. We actually prefer using it since it isn't as greasy as beef.
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  1. It looked like a great time. I thought of making big meatball mini burgers with the ground turkey. Oh and then some brownies with the bacon in them. The kids should love it!

    1. Meatball burgers would be an excellent choice! My meatballs fell apart. Just like when I make cookies... they fall apart too when I make them. Bacon brownies is the next recipe I want to try!

  2. Try putting breadcrumbs in your ground meat and an egg. That usually works to hold the meat together. It also adds fiber and extra protein into the meal. If you want to get sneaky creative, add shredded zucchini, carrots, or other vegie into the mix before rolling. Makes it good as well. This party was a very good idea. I like how companies think of this. I think I may have to host one myself. Thanks for the idea!

    1. I did actually -_- I think I'm just cursed at making terrible meatballs! Next time I'll try again. But I won't be surprised if they become a repeat. Companies are getting very creative with their marketing ideas. The economy has played such a harsh blow that they have to go out and find their customers in ways like this. Joining House Party online is a great way to have fun like this. However, you have to be really outgoing and aggressive to get a party.