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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hi I'm Skinny sticks review and giveaway!

I don't tend to follow the "suggested" serving size that bags have. I'm not the type who counts and when I have counted out chips in particular... My eyes tell my stomach that is surely not enough! The average serving size is about 14 chips. Hi I'm Skinny are so much healthier, you could eat double that amount to match the calories! There are six delicious flavors to choose from. These are also multi-grain snacks, which are becoming a favorite for me especially since they are high in fiber. I'll go through each one and let you know what my family thought.
The multi-grain Cheddar sticks are light and crispy. My 1 year old daughter went to town with a double-fisted snack attack. Definitely a noticeable cheesy-ness but not with the yellowed fingertips most cheese snacks bring. This bag didn’t stand a chance against my family or my mom and siblings who had some on a visit.
The Sweet Potato sticks are indeed sweet. I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes though and my kids didn't get past the second one before they were also done. My mother and siblings enjoyed the sweetness. My mom thought they had an almost cinnamon taste to them.
The multi-grain Sweet Onion ones were among my favorites. Like my mom put it, "The onion ones tasted just like Funyuns . Very good and onioney." (See where I get my made up words from?)
(Can you tell what my husband was snacking on when we opened this bag?)
Next we have the Veggie Tortilla Sticks. They are made of spinach, carrots, and tomato flavors, but aren't very strong on the taste buds. They still made a great grab and go snack. I think they might be better with ranch dip…
On top of the list for favorites - the multi-grain Tangy BBQ were amazing! So full of flavor and ooohh soo good! They are indeed tangy. Reminds me a bit of a hickory flavoring. All of my children dug in too. I was sad to see this bag vanish so quickly and can’t wait to get more.
The last flavor was the multi-grain Sea Salt. Definitely able to taste the grains. Not so much the salt. So if you can't or don't like the salty flavor on your chips, these are perfect. I’m more of a flavor seeker, so I’d prefer these with a dip as well.
For the Veggie and Sea Salt flavors, my PR contact at Hi I'm Skinny offered up a suggestion for the dips that she liked most with these: "With the Veggie Tortilla and the Sea Salt, my favorite dips to pair with are Hummus, Jalapeño Greek Yogurt Dip and a good Pico de Gallo! The Jalapeño Greek Yogurt dip that I love is at Costco." Just a suggestion!
Over all they are all natural, vegan, and non-GMO. They are made with whole grains, have no trans-fat and no cholesterol. You can eat more of these than regular chips with the same nutrition facts percentages. I love the "stick" texture and shape better than chips because they are easier to eat with less mess. I think they are more on the kid-friendly side as well. You can find out which local stores are carrying them in your area here. Like them on Facebook so you can keep up with any new flavors or news they might have. They are also on Twitter and Pinterest. Leave me comment about what your thoughts are and if you have tried them too!
Now its time for some fun! Hi I'm Skinny has been gracious enough to offer up two sampler boxes to 2 winners! Each box will contain 6 full sized bags of the various flavors they have. It is open to all 50 States and US territories, as well as to Canada. So be sure and enter and let me know what you think. I look forward to sharing something so tasty with you!
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  1. These look great, where can they be purchased?

    1. Go to this link: http://www.hiimskinny.com/store-locator/ And put in your zip code. It should pull up the stores that carry them. Also if you don't find it, you can submit a request to have your local store get them. Sometimes they will.

  2. My kids loved the bbq ones. I liked the onion ones. My 1 year old ate all the cheese ones. Good product. Glad to see it out there.

    1. Those were our favorites too. I really enjoyed the BBQ ones. I wish they sold them in more stores around here.