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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Lone Ranger movie review (only a little spoiler)

A couple nights ago, I attended the Lone Ranger prescreening. My my, how I was blown away! Growing up, the Lone Ranger was a favorite. Never mind that it was in black and white. Never mind that it was just an old western. The Lone Ranger was a masked man in Texas who always saved the day! With his trusted sidekick, Tonto, pointing him in the right direction to defeating Butch Cavendish and his evil gang. And we mustn’t forget the beautiful Silver, his magnificent horse that came when he whistled.
This new rendering of the Lone Ranger stars Armie Hammer as the hero and Johnny Depp as his pal Tonto. It gives you plenty of backstory that explains how they really came to be. Tonto is telling the story as an old man to a little boy who came to a freak show. He starts with how he met the Lone Ranger. Who knew our Ranger was such a wimpy boy?? And then we meet the snarling scarred Butch Cavendish. He is really scary and evil so if you are easily frightened, close your eyes when he comes on screen! The whole story is told with so much comedy thrown in, that even the most intense action scenes (that have you gripping your seat and leaning forward ever so slightly) have you sparing a laugh. Johnny Depp really was perfect as Tonto. The same type of character as Captain Jack Sparrow shines through.
Armie Hammer is not only a good looking Ranger, but he plays his role very well. He goes from a scared, sniveling lawyer to masked vigilante with a fair amount of flair. It wasn’t until the near end of the movie that he really showed his capability at being a true hero, so be patient. It’s well worth the wait. I still feel the desire to call him Arm & Hammer though…
***Spoiler alert!*** Kemosabe has been given a hilarious meaning in this movie: Wrong brother. Chosen by a “stupid horse”. They did an excellent job adding music and phrases from the original shows into this movie. It was just right to tie everything together and make it familiar to those of us who were fans of the old westerns. While there were a lot of intense action scenes, a very small amount of suggestive material – I still rate it as a good mature family movie. Kids may not get all the jokes, but I’m sure they will love the rangers in action. Definitely check it out! I know as soon as this one hits the sales floor, I plan to buy it for my own collection.


  1. Wow. I saw the trailers for this and didn't think I would want to see it. They make it look so dry and nothing to spend money on. After reading your review I think I will have to check this one out. Thanks for your honest review.

    1. I was skeptical of it too. I absolutely love Johnny Depp (except for a couple roles he played) but this Hammer guy was something else. Turns out, he wasn't as bad as I thought he'd be. And with Johnny Depp guiding the movie with his superb acting, it turned out really well. If you liked Pirates, you will like this one too. Thanks for reading! Once you have seen it, let me know what you think.