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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Delivery Man movie preview

There is a new movie on its way to theaters near you. I’m sure at least some of you have seen hints of Delivery Man.
I’ve been chosen to deliver a little more information and a limited release preview to appeal to your movie-going senses. It’s about a guy that, in his younger years, donates to a fertility clinic “anonymously”. For whatever reasons, a large number of various women get pregnant using his donated sperm and in the end there are 533 children bearing the same genes thanks to an unknown father! Vince Vaughn plays the father. A large number of these children that were fathered thanks to him decide to sue for the right to know who he is. As you can imagine, he doesn’t want to have anything revealed. He’s a bit of a loser with no real purpose to his life other than to survive the day-to-day monotony. He’s given a folder with names and information on these, now adult, children that are suing the clinic.
Despite being warned by his lawyer that he shouldn’t show interest in them, he decided to open Pandora’s envelope and check up on these people and see what he unknowingly created. As he meets them, his views on everything in his life and the lawsuit begin to shift and change dramatically. He finds himself wanting to help these people.  
I think it’s a very interesting concept. I was adopted by my Dad. My mom got pregnant by the guy I dearly refer to as the “sperm donor”. He was young and scared and ran off like a pup with his tail between his legs to his mother. But love found my mom and me in the form of the only man worthy of me calling Dad. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I’m a grown woman with my own family and 9 siblings to boot! Couldn’t be happier.
“Family” has so many variations and meanings to people today. But I think the one thing they hold in common is that families are made of the individuals who stick with you and love you no matter what. I believe this movie opens up a touching family theme and I hope you all enjoy it! Be sure to check it out and then tell me what you like/dislike about it. What does family mean to you?


  1. Your right. Family are those who stick with you through EVERYTHING! The idea of this movie doesn't appeal to me because there are real situations like this and they cause so many problems for our society. I know they will use humor to mask the issues and that just isn't a funny topic. I think it is great you have a real dad. You are better off without the original guy/sperm doner in your life. Stay true to what you know and love because it will one day be gone if you let it slip away.

    1. I agree with you about the concerns the idea of this movie puts on society. When someone uses the sperm that was donated, they enter the risk of having a child with multiple siblings around and about that they don't know of. They found a hippie-ish guy in California that had done that and now has hundreds of kids with his DNA. The strains it puts on these kids when they reach maturity and want to date... "Um, excuse me, but I need you to take this DNA test first to make sure we aren't related." Yeah, great way to start a relationship. And if they don't take this approach, they could end up like Karen Crow (sp?)where so many were born deaf and/or blind. In Arkansas, I heard several years ago, they had to instate a law that if you applied for a marriage certificate you had to go through a DNA test before it was given.
      I would never give up my Dad. He's the most awesome, amazing, special guy! Thank you 8-)