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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kidecals via US Family Guide review

As parents, we buy things that we want to make sure won't get lost or stolen. Or should they get lost, we want to make sure it's easier to recover them. Kidecals helps us do just that.
 I put one on my laptop since that's something I wouldn't want to lose or get mixed up with my other nerd friends'.
My husband put labels on his fishing gear. We chose the camo pattern as well as to put Vinyard Family on them. This way we all can use them. You can customize them any way you'd need. Put your child's name and your phone number on them so if something is found, they can call you to report it.
They are machine washable, dishwasher safe, and can be put on anything you need to label as your own. I recently ordered a batch as a reviewer promotion. They are excellent! Whether you are preparing for summer camps, recruit trainings (boot camp), or just have an active life that requires you to bring things along they offer a sense of security in knowing your stuff is identifiable and unique-inized (yep, making up words again).
Another great thing about these - they go on clothing or objects. I think in a state like mine where storms are prevalent during certain seasons, it helps to be able to identify your things when you have to be crammed in a safe zone with others.
They are great for so many things like school supplies, vacations, outdoor gear... the list ends with your imagination (or needs).  I also love how no matter what the order, shipping is free! Always a bonus. And they ship out pretty quickly. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or just sign up for their newsletter. You can browse the selections to get an idea of what they have. And remember to leave me a comment about what you think! I love to hear from you all. Thanks for reading 8-)


  1. This would be awesome for people who have kids in daycare to label EVERYTHING!!! Great product. Or nursing home family members. Their stuff gets "lost" a lot also. Just thoughts.

    1. Oh yes! Great ideas for sure. Thanks for adding them. I really hate nursing homes. I made sure my parents know that I won't be putting them in one should they be unable to care for themselves so they better like the idea of moving in with me >.< And daycares scare me.