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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vitalicious sampler pack review

Taking vitamins isn't something I really enjoy. They are often big, leave a bad aftertaste or even have a weird smell to them. But then, they are needed to keep my body in good health. So I say, chocolate coat it and maybe I'll overlook the rest! I found someone that had that idea. Vitalicious makes yummy treats that are infused with vitamins essential to healthy living.
They sent me the New Super Sampler box to review.
Its a variety of Vita Cakes, Vita Tops and even some brownies. All of them are moist, the chocolate is rich, and so full of vitamin-laced flavor.
I love the Mini VitaCake, fudgy chocolate flavored. They are so delicious with just 50 calories per cake! It's a lightly sweetened cake with a a few chocolate chips on top.
The Banana nut vitatop was a good combo of nuts and banana flavor. Not too heavy on either. Even my 9 month old enjoyed bites of it.
I love the Banana Choco Chip vitatops combination. Warm it up for just a couple seconds and it makes a great breakfast snack. It's moist and chewy. It makes me want to make a banana chocolate cake...
Apple Crumb was good too. Alongside the apple there was a cinnamon-y flavor. Its another great breakfast treat.
The CranBran wasn't too bad. I'm not a huge fan of cranberries but this was pretty good. There are cranberries on top and you can taste the bran mixed in. Makes for a yummy breakfast especially for someone like me who doesn't always have time to make a larger meal for myself when I'm cooking for 4 others. Also, cranberries are really good for you as they are full of antioxidants and help keep the urinary tract infections at bay.
Fudgy peanut butter chip was delicious! Chocolate cake with peanut butter chips on top. Even though it tastes so rich and moist, it's still only 100 calories! The peanut butter is also a fiber food that is good for digestion. Just another perk to having it with your cake...
The Deep Chocolate is exactly that, a deep chocolate. There were chips on top. Its sweet but still stays with the 100 calories.
Another favorite was the chocolate mint. Chocolate and mint always make a great combination, but even more so when its in a cake.
The Golden Corn one was very similar to my mothers cornbread (though not as sweet). It's moist and rich in flavor. Goes great with dinner! I would consider a pack of these for holiday dinners when the family comes too. (Yes, its empty because when I went to open it, my boys came running and asking for some! They ended up eating more of it than I did.)
The Triple Chocolate Chunk VitaTops are a trio of deliciousness. Let's not forget though - white chocolate isn't really chocolate!
I enjoyed the Deep&Velvety Chocolate VitaBrownies. While I'm not a fan of having nuts on my brownies, these are still the rich chocolate flavor I love.
There are only 100 calories in the VitaTops (50 in the VitaCakes), they are made with whole grains, and contains far higher vitamin percents than other snack foods. They also have pizzas now, mixes so that you can make your own at home at your convenience, VitaBuns (similar to English Muffins), sugar-free choices, and VitaSandwhiches.
Since these are also dairy-free, I had mom try some out with me. Her comments were these:
The cake wasn't real sweet. It was good. I like the texture and chocolate taste. It was good because it didn't taste so processed like overly sugared foods that we would normally buy.
Something you should know about these: they are preservative-free! So if you purchase them, eat them soon after or freeze them for later. I suggest letting them thaw and then warming them up. Pop them in your toaster oven or in the microwave for just a few seconds.
The box I received is the Super Sampler for $36.99. It's contains 2-4 of each product and can make a great gift or enable you to try everything to find your favorites. I did the math and found that each of the 28 pieces comes to $1.32. I know some people may be thinking, well I can get snack cakes far more cheaper. And you'd be right. But think of what those snacks have in them versus what these offer... More natural ingredients, not processed junk. Whole grains, no preservatives, and chock full of vitamins that your body needs instead of just sugar that adds pounds and clogs arteries.
Check them out on Facebook too so you can see their latest updates and deals.
***These products were sent to me for free to test and review. I was not paid or otherwise endorsed, nor was I told what to say. These are my own opinions and may vary from yours.***


  1. I like how you give all the information about this product. It helps so we can make a choice of what we like. Your honesty is refreshing as well. I have bought several products thanks to your reviews and I am enjoying them. Haven't found one to be different than you described. Thanks.

    1. I'm so glad to hear it! A review should always be honest, I think. I'd hate to lie about something and have people waste their hard-earned cash on something they will hate later.