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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shoplet.com SteelMaster Tablet Stand review

Well, it's time for another office supply review! This time it’s for a SteelMaster tablet stand. I find my skills in folding the cover into a stand for my iPad to be greatly lacking. This causes a great many uncomfortable frustrations when I'm trying to do something and need my hands free.
It's heavy enough to keep it from sliding too easily. It also has a wonderful grip on the bottom to further prevent sliding.
This stand is helpful for holding up your iPad or reader while you read. If you use your iPad for instructive things, like I do when I'm building Lego sets, it's easy to set your device on and get to work.
Or if you like reading on your tablet hands-free, prop and read to your heart’s content.
And did I mention that it has a dip in the front to make your Home button easily accessible??
I also love that it's made right here in the USA using more than 50% of recycled content. You can check it and many other office supplies out at Shoplet.com. Be sure and Like their Facebook page to be updated on any promotions they have going!

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