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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Puj Nub review

I was recently accepted to be a product tester for Puj. They have some innovative tools for parents to simplify daily life with children. Their latest addition is the Puj Nub.
Its a cute little twist to a boring hook. Just peel and stick anywhere. Parents need hooks to keep organized, keep stuff out of the way in an orderly way that doesn't look cluttered, and also to keep things in easy reach for little hands. The Nub is perfect for all of those! Its made from a softer rubber-like material that is smooth all over. The back has a strong sticky pad to keep it hanging and holding its load. My kids actually stuck it to the window before I had a chance to stick it in their bathroom as I had planned. It took a lot of effort to get it off. These are meant to take the pulling that little kiddos put into it! I managed to get it off the window and rehang it in the bathroom to hold their towels (which had been ending up on the floor a lot). The bright blue matches their decor and I really like the shape of it compared to regular hooks! They now hang their towel up proudly.
The Nub is best used on smooth surfaces like tile, glass, metal, shower walls, etc. Just wipe the surface clean then peel and stick. To ensure a stronger hold, leave it for 24 hours before using. It works well in water so you can hang it in the shower to hang the bath toys or wash cloths with.
***IMPORTANT: Not to be used on sheetrock, wallpaper or textured surfaces.***
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