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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mediterranean Snacks review and information on promotions

My love for Mediterranean Snacks has not diminished since the first tasting! It still grows as I recently received a package containing their newest flavor; Fiery Tomato Baked Lentil Chips.. These are gluten-free, natural, a good source of fiber, and have 70% less fat than most chips. They make the perfect snack for my family. These especially are great as you can dip them, top them or just snack right out the bag.
First of all, they weren't really hot. They do have a kick to them but its tangy. Just a slightly spicy taste amongst the tomato flavoring. I also love they are not drenched with flavorings and salt but have just enough to make them delicious. Its a crispy, crunchy appeal when you need an on-the-go snack.
Now I have some bonus information to share for you... They are always looking for Ambassadors. You fill out a form, if they accept you, you will be notified of upcoming events in your area that could earn you some sweet swag!
Another reason to check them out would be their sweepstakes that is going on now. Check out their Facebook page and read up. Its so easy! Grab any bag of Mediterranean Snacks, snap a picture of you muching down, and upload it to their media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram). Remember to tag them in your pictures and/or email them via the social website you upload to and let them know. You could win over $300 in awesome prizes! Each picture uploaded to each media outlet gets you an entry.
The prize package includes: TimBuk2 Messenger Bag, A NikeFuel Band, Snacks, and more!
Rules and Guidelines:
Our Snack & Snap Sweepstakes runs until December 20, 2013 with three (3) lucky winners selected at random. You only need to enter once for all three drawings.

First winner will be announced on:
June 3, 2013, second winner on September 3, 2013, and third winner on December 20, 2013!
What MUST be included in your post:
  • 1. Use hashtag: #LiveSnactive™
  • 2. Name the store (or event) and location (city,state) of where you purchased/received our snacks.
  • 3. Be sure to TAG us in your posts! NOTE: In order for us to see your post, you must be connected to us on the social platforms and the tag is active.
Twitter: @Medsnax
Pinterest: @MedsnacksFaceBook: @MediterraneanSnacks
Instagram: @Medsnax

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