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Friday, May 3, 2013

Gfreely box review and giveaway

I’m still on my quest for healthier food options for my family; gluten-free is included. I found the Gfreely Box.
It’s a monthly subscription box that provides full sized products for you to try. Then you can make a smarter choice on what you want to buy for your family. All the products are gluten-free! I was sent the April box. It contained Kay’s Naturals Protein Pretzel Sticks in the cinnamon toast flavor, Sheffa Savory Bar, a junior sized Bumble Bar in original peanut flavor, Kathie’s Kitchen Super Seedz in Tomato Italiano and Sea Salt flavors, PopCorners in Butter flavor, Justin's All Natural Peanut Bar (my favorite!) and the Gallo Lea gluten-free Pizza Kit.
First test tasting I did was the Super Seedz. These are all natural pumpkin seeds without the shells, ready to eat. Being that they aren’t tree or peanuts, they are great for people with allergies. There is also no MSG or soy in them and they are completely vegan. To put it simply they are seeds that are naturally seasoned with ingredients that you can actually pronounce. The Tomato Italiano is my favorite! Italian seasonings and tomato flavor you can actually taste. The Sea Salt ones were lightly salted with sea salt. These make a wonderful and healthy snack especially if you’re on the go.
Kay's Naturals protein pretzel sticks Cinnamon toast are gluten-free (of course), 12 grams of protein, only 120 calories and 4 grams of fiber. Another bonus? They are made right here in the United States.
The Sheffa Savory Bar is made with 100% whole grains, legumes, and seeds. No fruits or sugars and completely vegan. They are also low in sodium, have no GMO, no nuts, soy or corn. My mother had some notes to add about it: It's good for you, however, it has tiny seeds that do get stuck in the cracks of your teeth. So you end up working on getting them out for a bit. Don't eat this before talking to your boss.
The Bumble Bar is an organic energy bar. A portion of every Bumble Bar sale goes to community development and the construction of a school in Ethiopia. Only 100 calories in the junior bar size.
My mom liked this on the best because it was sweet like candy but at the same time, not candy. Like tricking your tastebuds! It also did not have big hard nuts in it that can be harder for some to chew. She really liked the texture of this one.
Pop Corners are popped corn chips: it's like popcorn in a chip design!
These are so much fun. It really does taste like popcorn in a chip form! It's light and airy. I love the salted, buttery taste without being greasy.
I didn't get a picture of the Justin's Peanut Bar... I dug in before I remembered to! It was soooo good! Very similar to a peanut butter bar (had some nut chunks in, but too much) covered in chocolate. I had this is a healthy sweet snack.
Gallo Lea gluten-free Pizza Kit is the final item from the April box.
It contains the sauce, crust mix, cooking paper and plenty of suggestions for fun pizzas. It has enough to make a 12 inch thin crust pizza. The mix for the crust is flavored with teff and buckwheat flours to give it a whole grain taste. All the ingredients are easy to read. (I know I say this a lot, but I like to know what I’m eating with most foods.)
I got my brothers for a night and we had fun making it. Especially since its been a raining past few days and we are all couped up inside. So first you mix the dough and water...
It gives you a nice dough that you can put onto the cooking paper they include with a little oil rubbed onto it.
After letting it rise for 5-10 minutes its ready to go on the cooking paper to bake for 5 minutes.
Then you are ready to add sauce.
My brother enjoyed this part best!
Voila! Pizza time.
My son enjoyed his slice.
Now the kit said to use olive oil to lightly coat the dough ball. I didn't have any so I used my other cooking oil. I noticed a distinct taste that I personally didn't enjoy. It's entirely possible it was the oil. Aside from that, it was really fun, easy and enjoyable.
My mom even tried the snacks with me and had this to say:

It is hard enough when you have dietary restrictions, so when you’re able to find things that fit and taste good it’s wonderful. These snacks are great. I thought gluten-free means rabbit food taste but these are definitely not.

You can order various gluten-free products directly from their website. Just go here to see what they have to offer you and your family. You can subscribe to their monthly box and test out products for yourself before commiting to buy a bunch of things that might not work well with your households tastebuds or for someone you want to get a gift for. You can get 1, 3, or 6 month subscriptions. You can also check them out on Facebook.

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  1. I would love to try that pizza box. That looks like something fun for my kids to even do.


  2. gluten free is the way to go!

  3. We're allergic to Whey protein so most of it is not in the gluten free stuff so it's a great win for us !!!

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  5. I would love to try this fabulous box or any box available. We have been eating better since being diagnosed as diabetic. Eating gluten-free products seem to makes us feel great.

    Calshondra Williams