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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kicking Horse Coffee review and giveaway

Hello coffee drinkers! I have a review you might be interested in. Kicking Horse Coffee sent me a can of their Kick Ass brew (that's literally the name!) to try out and report about here.

Some things about Kicking Horse coffee that makes them cool: they use only Fair Trade Arabica beans. Each batch is sampled before it can be bagged and sold. It’s grown in the shade to provide richer flavor as well as support a healthy planet. What else is there to like?
I love the fact it comes in a metal can. It's recycled steel and as they point out, it takes 75% less energy to reproduce. On top of that it can be recycled an infinite amount of times. Secondly, this can was made in North America. Way to boost our economy and jobs at home! So when we are done with this can, it will be recycled; either in the bin that goes to the curb or possibly through my mom saving it for another purpose.
Now about the coffee itself! Kick Ass is a Dark brew. It mixes Indonesian and Central American roasts. It comes in whole bean form. It smells so wonderful when you grind it fresh. I had my dad and husband both drink it and give me their opinions about it. My dad likes his coffee strong and black – nothing added. He said this flavor wasn’t that strong for him. My husband on the other hand likes adding sugar and milk. He said he liked the taste. It was just strong enough for him.
Be sure to check them out on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for their newsletter to keep up with what's going on. You can buy from them online or through Amazon.
Now for the giveaway information! Its open to residents of the United States as well as Canada (where the coffee comes from). Retail price is valued at $13.99 (can of Kick Ass, KHC gift bag and brochure). The coffee is available in whole bean only, so make sure you have access to a grinder.
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  1. Ashley CharleboisApril 5, 2013 at 7:45 PM

    I would love to try Earl Grey - Organic. I'm a huge tea fan and I love Earl Grey. I love trying different varities of it, so I'd definitely be interested in trying this kind. Thanks for this opportunity.

  2. I'd do the Peruvian! Or the chocolate bars :)

  3. Sea Salt Chocolate bar. Oh my. And because I love chocolate!

    1. I thought that was a good looking one too. An interesting flavor.

  4. I'd definately pair up the Hoodoo Jo coffee with a sea salt chocolate bar. Sounds like an excellent afternoon pick me up!

  5. Chocolate bar, maple crunch sounds so yummy

  6. They all sound wonderful. I can't wait for the day to try some.

  7. I am not a bold fan, but husband is mister bold as it can get to probably for him kick ass or 454 horse power one :D I am trying to win for him!